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John Carpay

Lawyer John Carpay is president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (

Opinion, Culture

On self-identification, the law is inconsistent

“This is how things should work in a free society: your right to express yourself does not include a right to have other people agree with your beliefs. “

John Carpay / Aug 22, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

B.C. court ruling against father in child hormone treatment case sets dangerous precedent

Justice Bowden’s Order prohibits the father from trying to persuade his female-born child to refrain from experimental and irreversible testosterone treatments.

John Carpay / Aug 5, 2019


Mainstream media ignores the inconvenient truth of B.C. transgender male genitalia waxing case

For someone with male genitalia to bring forward a “human rights” claim to being legally entitled to have male genitals handled by an …

John Carpay / Jul 13, 2019

The “human right” to compel women to wax male genitalia

JY is a transwoman with male genitalia, who in early 2018 filed more than a dozen human rights complaints against female estheticians who declined to provide JY with a “Brazilian” bikini wax.

John Carpay / Jun 27, 2019

Canadian News

Saskatchewan court orders City of Prince Albert to pay $6,000 for denying pro-life group equal access to flag pole

The local pro-life group had been one of the many organizations to participate, raising its flag during "Celebrate Life Week" for over 20 years.

John Carpay / Jun 15, 2019


Once again, identity politics trump rational debate

Last week, Canadians were presented with yet another example as to why offensiveness is not a fair or reliable criterion for restricting speech in politics.

John Carpay / Jun 7, 2019

Canadian News, News

Supreme Court Justices divided on defending Charter freedoms

Canadians wishing to preserve the core freedoms of our society would be well served by understanding the track records of Supreme Court judges on fundamental Charter freedoms.

John Carpay / May 28, 2019


Politicians, not Supreme Court justices, need to engage with the public

The Court should not be making these political decisions in the first place, in order to avoid even the appearance of possible bias.

John Carpay / May 21, 2019


Quebec’s Bill 21 attacks freedom and tolerance

While Bill 21 does prohibit covering one’s face in some contexts, it goes much further. Bill 21 prohibits practicing Muslims, Jews, Sikhs and members of other faiths from wearing any religious symbol while providing government services to the public.

John Carpay / May 14, 2019


Ontario’s Bill 84 will silence legitimate political expression

Prohibiting hate-promoting demonstrations at Queen’s Park will not work, because there is no clear, objective standard of what is “hate,” that all people of good will rally around.

John Carpay / Apr 23, 2019


Battle over parental rights continues after Alberta election

Jason Kenney, Alberta’s Premier-designate, stated on election night that “parents know better than politicians what is best for their kids.”

John Carpay / Apr 18, 2019


CARPAY: B.C. Human Rights ruling is an affront to a free society

By imposing its progressive, post-modernist and politically correct opinion on Whatcott, this government body likewise imposes it on all of society. The message is clear to all citizens: if you refuse to kowtow to political correctness, you will pay a heavy price.

John Carpay / Apr 12, 2019

Canadian News, News

CARPAY: Charter freedoms of public servants at stake in Newfoundland human rights case

Does government have to respect the fundamental Charter freedoms of public servants?

John Carpay / Mar 12, 2019

Canadian News, News

CARPAY: University of Toronto supports left-wing speech, not free speech

If U of T permits Finkelstein to speak on its campus, it will be because of his progressive, politically correct opinions, not because the university is committed to free expression.

John Carpay / Mar 4, 2019


CARPAY: Ending mandatory student union fees is fair and just

If student unions are truly good and wonderful, providing immense benefits to all their members, then why must university students be forced to join them and pay dues? Won’t the benefits and wonders attract sufficient support without coercion?

John Carpay / Feb 16, 2019

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