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Joseph Fang

Toronto Ontario


Grievance studies professor may lose his job

The good news is that now the world is now watching Portland State University. It’s clear that these disciplinary measures are as politically motivated as the academic journals that the grievance studies affair exposed in the first place.

Joseph Fang / Jan 7, 2019


Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin leave Patreon. What’s next?

It turns out that in 2019, the most dangerous regulatory agencies are the big tech and media companies themselves. Their primary target? Ideas.

Joseph Fang / Jan 2, 2019


Progressives are "woking off" to Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. was simply practicing his comedic art. The only thing that’s changed is that he is now doing it a world where art has little to no value.

Joseph Fang / Dec 31, 2018


Professors who falsely accused and harassed Lindsay Shepherd are now suing her

According to a tweet by Shepherd, Nathan Rambukkana and Herbert Pimlott are suing her as part of a third-party claim in response to Dr. Jordan Peterson’s lawsuit against Laurier University and individuals involved.

Joseph Fang / Dec 27, 2018


Patreon's policy of policing speech leaves people poor at Christmas

Many creators lost thousands of dollars and face an uncertain future just in time for Christmas.

Joseph Fang / Dec 25, 2018


Chris Rock outrage exposes Twitter's worst quality

It really does feel like the Twitter mob will not stop until all of the truly talented people have been erased from our culture.

Joseph Fang / Dec 23, 2018


We’re deleting our Patreon and here’s why

The crowdfunding platform is censorious and can no longer be trusted

Joseph Fang / Dec 19, 2018


The “merciful” hand of Trudeau: Ottawa offers more financial aid to oil and gas

Ottawa will offer a bailout, instead of solving the problem at hand.

Joseph Fang / Dec 19, 2018

Canadian News

Albertan separatism: How would it work, if at all?

Alberta. The frustrated, underappreciated, and rebellious youth of our dysfunctional Canadian family appears to be more angry than ever.

Joseph Fang / Dec 18, 2018

Canadian News

Progress Alberta accepted nearly $40,000 from Tides Foundation

The Tides Foundation is notoriously anti-oil and gas.

Joseph Fang / Dec 17, 2018


New York magazine hates PewDiePie and democracy

The establishment media wants to "change the culture" because they no longer control it

Joseph Fang / Dec 17, 2018

Canadian News

Trudeau completely abandons balanced budget pledge

The PM appears to believe deficit spending will not hinder the capacity of the nation.

Joseph Fang / Dec 17, 2018


Jordan Peterson speaks out on Patreon controversy

Jordan Peterson defends controversial YouTuber and pledges to help look for solutions

Joseph Fang / Dec 14, 2018


Twitter bans Titania McGrath, the best Twitter troll ever

Another deplatforming proves that Twitter has become a joyless cesspool of virtue signalling zombies

Joseph Fang / Dec 10, 2018

Opinion, Culture

The world has been switched to safe mode

Wall Street, Tumblr, Jordan Peterson, Quillette, Teen Vogue, Penthouse, Punk Rock, and the IDW. Just another week in the culture wars.

Joseph Fang / Dec 5, 2018

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