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Joseph Fang

Toronto Ontario

Canadian News, News

Majority of Philpott’s riding association leadership quit after Trudeau kicked her from Liberal Party

The Liberal riding association for Markham-Stouffville is standing by Jane Philpott’s side.

Joseph Fang / Apr 9, 2019

Not again! Ottawa could be bombarded with 15 cm of snow and freezing rain today

Is spring ever going to get here? Ottawa is bracing itself for yet another heavy snowfall today with as much as 15 cm threatening the city.

Joseph Fang / Apr 9, 2019

Canadian News, News

SALMONELLA OUTBREAK: Health officials warn public after infection spreads to six provinces

Canadian health officials are warning the public after 63 people across six provinces have been affected by a salmonella. 18 people have been hospitalized and two deaths are reported, though it has not been determined if salmonella was a factor.

Joseph Fang / Apr 8, 2019

Toronto neurosurgeon Mohammed Shamji pleads guilty to murdering his wife

On the eve of his trial, Toronto neurosurgeon Mohammed Shamji has plead guilty to second-degree murder for the death of his wife, Dr. Elana Fric-Shamji, a well-respected physician.

Joseph Fang / Apr 8, 2019

Canadian News, News

Gas prices in Metro Vancouver hit a record-breaking 164.9 cents a litre

Drivers in Vancouver can’t catch a break and are now paying a whopping, record-shattering price of 164.9 cents a litre

Joseph Fang / Apr 8, 2019

Canadian News, News

Pass the beer! Ford government to legalize tailgating at Ontario sport events

Great news, Ontario sports fans. We will finally be able to tailgate like fans do outside arenas and stadiums in the United States.

Joseph Fang / Apr 8, 2019


The Guardian tries to smear Morrissey. Here’s why it won’t work

The Guardian’s smear of Morrissey was just one of many to appear over the last few years in the mainstream media. The hit pieces keep coming. But they never work. He’s too seminal, too necessary, too good.

Joseph Fang / Mar 2, 2019


Who's afraid of sex differences? Not these women

Men are not better than women; women are not better than men. Women and men are different; men and women are equal. Let's stop being afraid of ourselves.

Joseph Fang / Feb 18, 2019


British woman arrested for tweeting

Escalating a Twitter argument from the screen to the reality of the front door is an action designed to elicit fear from those who would otherwise speak up

Joseph Fang / Feb 11, 2019

Politics & Policy

Young Adult authors continue their mobbing ways

It's discouraging to see that the decrying of books as well as the promotion of books are both being done based not on the content of the books themselves

Joseph Fang / Feb 4, 2019

News, American News

Author pulls book after getting mobbed on Twitter

What could possibly make a first time author issue an apology for the pain she had caused, addressed to the entire book community?

Joseph Fang / Jan 31, 2019


Fifty years later, Easy Rider leaves a complicated legacy

In the countercultural moment of the late 1960's, writers and cultural thinkers were doing as much to dissect and understand their time and their moment as we are today

Joseph Fang / Jan 30, 2019


The human cost of designer babies

What do you want humanity to look like, feel like, and act like? What are those things about being human that we don't want to relegate to the dust heap of history?

Joseph Fang / Jan 23, 2019

Opinion, Culture

The media lied about Catholic students “mobbing” a Native American elder

The mobbing of the Covington Catholic high school boys that dominated social media yesterday was wrong. The media reports that spurred on the mobbing were wrong.

Joseph Fang / Jan 20, 2019


Bell Canada plans to collect more data from Canadians opening itself up to privacy breaches

Bell, Canada’s largest telecommunications company, is taking a page from Facebook and Google’s playbooks, and is planning on collecting large amounts of their users' data.

Joseph Fang / Jan 8, 2019

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