Matthew Azrieli

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4 months ago

Goodbye forever war, hello forever pandemic

We have the opportunity, right now, to live in a "forever pandemic" or to call out pharmaceutical companies for exploiting a global pandemic to line their own coffers, allowing millions to die abroad.

Matthew Azrieli
a year ago

Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for historic Israel-UAE deal

It is obvious, using historic comparables, that this administration has accomplished—through sheer negotiation aptitude—more than any other administration ever has for the region.

Matthew Azrieli
2 years ago

As Canadians, we must put aside political interests to combat coronavirus

As Canadians, it is our responsibility to look to our own resourcefulness, our own good will, our tendency toward compassionate, considered thinking.

Matthew Azrieli
3 years ago

New poll reveals Canada’s story is still being written

Our story, in the grand scheme of civilizations, is a young one. As much as we should know our nation’s history, we must also understand that our founding mythos is still being written today.

Matthew Azrieli

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