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Neal Winokur

Neal Winokur is a CPA and the author of The Grumpy Accountant available on He feels a moral obligation to speak out against the flaws and complexities that define the Canadian tax system.


How the income tax is hurting lower and middle income people the most

Why in the world do we tax employment and self-employment income? Does the government want people to avoid working? Does the government want more jobs or fewer jobs?

Neal Winokur / May 28, 2019

Politics & Policy

Sneaky "tax on tax" effect in the Carbon Tax

Only in Canada will Canadians accept the utter madness of paying sales tax on carbon taxes! For example, let’s say the price of your gas bill increases four cents a litre due to the carbon tax.

Neal Winokur / Apr 2, 2019


Federal budget 2019 adds new, ridiculous, insane tax credits, makes tax system even worse

The new budget doesn’t help tax payers and it doesn’t help you filing your taxes either.

Neal Winokur / Mar 20, 2019

Politics & Policy

An open letter to the people of Canada regarding your silly tax refunds!

The reason why our tax system has become such a mess is because governments and politicians feel the tax system can be used to re-engineer society to their liking and/or to pander to and target specific groups of voters.

Neal Winokur / Mar 7, 2019

Opinion, News Analysis

An open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, Finance Minister Morneau and Minister of Revenue Lebouthillier from a frustrated accountant!

The income tax system, as it stands right now, is making peoples’ lives miserable. There is no other way to describe it.

Neal Winokur / Jan 15, 2019

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