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Oli London

Oli London is an author and detransitioned man.

American News

Eventbrite cancels women's free speech event in Austin amid backlash from trans activists

The event organizers said it will happen "with or without Eventbrite as a platform."

Oli London / Jul 21, 2023


Succession star Brian Cox slams woke culture as 'truly awful' and blasts millennials for 'shaming culture'

The actor who plays Logan Roy in the hit HBO series blasted social media, millennials and wokeism "The whole woke culture is truly awful."

Oli London / Jul 16, 2023


Notorious left-wing influencer Erica Marsh suspended from Twitter after experts claim she ‘doesn’t exist’

The self-proclaimed ‘Proud Democrat’ sparked outrage days prior to the suspension after tweeting “No Black person will be able to succeed in a merit-based system.”

Oli London / Jul 5, 2023

American News

Trans-identified woman feels cast out of LGBT community after birthing son

"Every time I walk into a room, I feel alone…because a lot of trans men don’t want to be open about their queerness."

Oli London / Jun 28, 2023


Elton John claims 'disgraceful' US laws barring child sex changes are 'like a virus'

“It’s all going pear-shaped in America.”

Oli London / Jun 27, 2023

American News

First elected transgender state rep arrested in New Hampshire for distributing child exploitation images

A 38-year-old female daycare worker and friend of the accused was also arrested and charged with taking and distributing images of children aged 3-5.

Oli London / Jun 23, 2023

News Analysis

White House's topless trans TikToker 'apologizes' to 'vile' haters for baring breasts in 'moment of overwhelming trans joy'

Montoya attacked critics, saying he didn't intend for his "little moment of trans joy to be weaponized by vile people of the opposition."

Oli London / Jun 17, 2023

American News

Male cyclist BRAGS after beating women in NC race; female runner-up calls for separate category for trans competitors

Austin Killips ranked 1st during the North Carolina Belgian Waffle Race winning a $5,000 cash prize.

Oli London / Jun 12, 2023

American News

EXCLUSIVE: Transgender male cyclist has history of harassing female Olympian

A biological male cyclist who identifies as a transgender woman has stoked outrage after winning a women’s cycling race in Pennsylvania last weekend.

Oli London / May 13, 2023

American News

EXCLUSIVE: Drag queen who testified to 'protect' trans kids in Texas Senate offers sexual services online

"Drag does good for the local community.”

Oli London / May 9, 2023

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