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Pierre Poilievre

Pierre Poilievre MP Carleton is a former Minister a five-term Member of Parliament and the Conservative Shadow Minister of Finance.


POILIEVRE: Canadian natural gas is the solution to Europe's Russian energy crisis

We have what Europe needs, and lots of it: energy.

Pierre Poilievre / Mar 1, 2022


POILIEVRE: Meet the world’s dumbest mortgage broker—the federal government

The alternative is that we keep borrowing staggering sums until interest rates rise and households, businesses and governments collapse under the weight.

Pierre Poilievre / May 31, 2020

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POILIEVRE: The imaginary unicorn 'balance sheet'

The economy is like a horse carrying big bags of debt on his back up a hill.

Pierre Poilievre / May 21, 2020

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POILIEVRE: The state reigns supreme as never before in Canada

As we slowly move from a health crisis to an economic crisis, expect more appeals for expanded government power.

Pierre Poilievre / Apr 24, 2020


Self-praise won’t relaunch our economy—free enterprise will

Justin Trudeau’s self-congratulatory pats on the back for vainglorious accomplishments will do nothing to get Canada’s economy running at full steam again.

Pierre Poilievre / Dec 14, 2019


Ignore advice of big government elites, Conservatives must remain taxpayers’ party

Canadian Conservatives must ignore the big government cabal.

Pierre Poilievre / Nov 26, 2019

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