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Raymond Ayas

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Opinion, Politics & Policy

Floor crossing—a benefit to Canada’s democracy

Crossing the floor has historically been beneficial to Canadian voters.

Raymond Ayas / Jul 4, 2019


Montreal takes down crucifix and French-Canadians should be angry

Whether we like it or not Christianity is woven into the fabric of our city’s heritage.

Raymond Ayas / Mar 21, 2019

Canadian News, News

Make healthcare a provincial jurisdiction again: Bernier

Maxime Bernier claims Ottawa is overtaxing Canadians and holding money ransom to force provincial compliance.

Raymond Ayas / Feb 21, 2019

Politics & Policy

Gatineau deputy mayor sacked for crime of wrongspeak refuses to back down

The city of Gatineau has sacked Deputy Mayor Nathalie Lemieux for saying “Islamophobia doesn’t exist.”

Raymond Ayas / Feb 4, 2019

Canadian News

Egyptian government promotes candidate for Canadian 2019 election

Some powerful nations use secret slush funds, send out spies, or deploy hackers to influence elections in other countries. Egypt posts on Facebook.

Raymond Ayas / Jan 19, 2019


Andrew Scheer criticizes dairy prices while supporting supply management

That Canada's Leader of the Official Opposition has actually banded together in solidarity with Trudeau's government to defend supply management - and thus artificially boost the cost of milk and cheese - makes this Twitter attack appear a bit disingenuous.

Raymond Ayas / Dec 26, 2018


Canada lets in gang member after botched border screening

"He is a criminal and he is involved in a whole lot of shit" Homeland Security agent says

Raymond Ayas / Dec 13, 2018

Canadian News

ANTIFA violence breaks out at Ottawa protest against Global Compact for Migration

The police have already begun cracking down.

Raymond Ayas / Dec 8, 2018


Government denies journalists access to state-funded migrant housing

Government denies journalists access to state-funded migrant housing

Raymond Ayas / Dec 4, 2018


Privacy breach in Canadian handgun consultations

Privacy breach in Canadian handgun consultations

Raymond Ayas / Nov 28, 2018


Compact for migration - Maxime Bernier reacts to Conservative apathy

Maxime Bernier speaks to The Post Millennial about the UN Global Migration Compact.

Raymond Ayas / Nov 22, 2018


University of Québec students can now choose a new first name

Students enrolled at Université de Québec à Montréal (UQAM) are now entitled to compel their professors to call them by new first names.

Raymond Ayas / Nov 13, 2018

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