Canadian grocery store introduces brilliant policy to protect seniors during coronovirus pandemic

The special early morning "Golden Shopping Hour" reserved for seniors and the vulnerable could save lives. Let's hope that all major retailers adopt it.

A grocery store in Edmonton, Alberta is leading the way in coronavirus pandemic innovation by implementing a special early morning "Golden Shopping Hour" that will be exclusive to seniors, those with mobility concerns, and those who are most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

ABC News reporter Kris Reyes came across the promotion by Belmont Sobey's and praised it on Twitter saying:

"This is such a simple yet brilliant move by a grocery store in Edmonton ... I am truly hopeful for the creative solutions and innovation that will come out of this crisis, keeping those truly in need, in mind."

It is indeed a brilliant and responsible move. And it's one that many are suggesting other major chains like Wal-Mart, Target, and Safeway implement a similar policy to ensure that our seniors and our most vulnerable loved ones can shop in a safe, low-stress environment while we all fight to end the coronavirus pandemic.

The Federalist's Inez Feltchman signal boosted the idea by tweeting "This grocery store has an early hour (before people touch everything, spreading #COVID19) for seniors and at risk to shop when everything was just cleaned and with fewer people around. What a great idea, every grocery store should take this easy step!"

And it doesn't have to be just a weekly feature like it currently is at Belmont Sobey's. It could very easily be a daily thing. There's no reason why major chains across North America can't make the extra effort to facilitate the shopping experience for those most at risk.

Let's hope that the big players take note and make this simple and easy change to their opening hours. If all North American retailers held a "Golden Shopping Hour," it would no doubt save many lives.