Cults and SJWs exercise full control over members’ environments

Cults and the social justice movement overwhelm followers at all times of the day and all of their environments.

Vanessa Glavac Montreal QC

This is the second article in a series on how the social justice movement uses the same manipulation strategies as those used by cults. Read the first article here.

One of the most well-known cult manipulation strategies is control of the member’s environment. Cult members go off to live in an isolated commune, like the Rajneeshees in Netflix’s documentary, Wild Wild Country. Spending all of one’s time in an environment completely controlled by the cult reduces the ability of cult members to question cult doctrine or consider outside norms or information.

We can see this by looking at how social justice permeates universities, the public school system, the mainstream news, entertainment, social media, Google, and YouTube. Any ideology that is, in fact, able to control these institutions will gain enormous control over a person’s daily life and beliefs—a key strategy used by cults. But, unlike a cult member who moves to a commune, it’s less detectable as to what is happening.

Control of Schools & Universities

First, let’s look at schools and universities, and how social justice has permeated students’ daily environments. For example, the Ryerson University student union was torn apart over an on-campus brunch event in which a non-Indigenous student sang Colors of the Wind from the Disney movie Pocahontas. This incident lead to the resignation of a member of the student union.

Yes, the race of the person who sang a Disney song mattered enough for a student union rep to resign. These are the representatives elected by students.

Or, consider the University of British Columbia, and the fact that their Equity and Inclusion office has a staff of 24 people. That’s 24 people on staff to promote social justice on campus. For perspective, this is a fifth of the size of the entire engineering department, which has a staff of 115 people.

Or look to Humber College, where the literary editor for the Humber Literary Review was fired for supporting the free speech rights of gender critical feminists. We’re beyond the point where opposition to social justice is a fireable offense on a university campus. Now merely supporting the rights of critics to speak is enough to get yourself fired.

Keep in mind, these examples were not mere spats among over-zealous student activists. This is the student union, the equity and inclusion office, and the school paper; these are the campus institutions that determine which events and ideas all students are exposed to. One of the strategies of environmental control is providing a series of rewards and punishments to cult members based on compliance with cult goals and doctrine. As we can see, there are plenty of jobs available for people who support social justice; those who dissent lose their jobs. Also keep in mind that these are only the latest incidents, covering the past month.

The ideas of social justice are also being taught to elementary school and high school students. These lessons go far beyond what is needed to prevent bullying of marginalized students, or to prevent  pregnancy and STDs. Ontario schools are directing students to soft porn (links have titles like “fisting” and “fucking ass”). They’re also using videos where a teddy bear teaches children about medical gender transitioning. Another school gave a 6-year-old an existential crisis by teaching her that “there is no such thing as girls and boys”. Quebec parents who are concerned about the possibility of their children learning about these ideas are told that sex education is mandatory, beginning in kindergarten, and parents are not given any options to dissent or pull their child out. Recently a UK school instructed 6-year-olds to imagine they were a gay man and write a love letter proposing marriage to another man. And according to a photo posted by this Twitter user, a high school in Toronto is demonizing the political right while glorifying social justice.

Bias in Elementary School EMF4Ul8WsAQxQ2m.jpg

Control of News Media

Next let’s look at the mainstream media and how they’re promoting the ideology of social justice. For example, how did the mainstream media cover the recent murder of transgender woman Julie Berman?

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media like the Globe and Mail and the CBC focus on Berman’s identity as a transgender woman and transgender rights activist, painting her murder as an act of transphobia. The Independent adds, “trans and gender non-conforming people are forced to endure unprecedented levels of violence around the world.”

But The Post Millennial looked into the killer’s social media history. In fact, he shared posts supporting LGBT rights and social justice positions, there were even posts where he identified as genderless and depicted himself in woman’s dress.

Given their similarities in terms of gender identity and politics, it’s unlikely that this tragedy had anything to do with gender non-conformity. In fact, it is likely a tragic but run-of-the-mill case of violence committed by someone close to the victim.

But will this new information be promoted by the mainstream media? The LGBT community has been reeling with news of the murder of one of their own. Don’t they deserve the comfort of knowing that this murder likely wasn’t born of transphobia, that it’s little different from murders committed against the broader population? Letting trans people continue to believe this was a case of transphobic violence isn’t support—it’s cruelty.

However, a key tenant of social justice is to promote all trans people as oppressed, rather than viewing them as individuals. We saw the same approach with the CBC’s story painting Jessica Yaniv as a victim, rather than covering the multiple allegations against Yaniv for pedophilia or Yaniv’s arrest for illegal weapons. These stories only provide two examples, but readers of The Post Millennial will be highly familiar with the way the mainstream media promotes the ideas of social justice while ignoring facts that complicate or refute the narrative.

The environmental control started by the mainstream media is further propagated by Big Tech. The stories that push against the social justice narrative are covered by independent media, journalists, and YouTubers. But, these independent sources are deranked by YouTube and Google, making them harder to find. Worse, critics are completely deplatformed. Andy Ngo was suspended from twitter for reporting true facts that refuted the narrative of transphobic violence. Meanwhile, Megan Murphy was banned from Twitter for tweets that stated “men aren’t women”.

Thus, the majority of people are insulated from news that cover ideas contrary to that of social justice. But the environmental control doesn’t stop there.

Control of Entertainment

Turning off the news and relaxing with some TV won’t give you a break from our social justice-controlled environment. For an idea of just how complete this control of environment is, consider Netflix’s shows about conservative characters—the people, who, if portrayed accurately, would be actively opposed to all teachings of social justice.

Consider The Ranch, a drama about working-class, Republican ranchers struggling to stay afloat. These are the Americans who voted to build the wall. In a show that might feature characters losing jobs or having their wages driven down by illegal immigration, instead we see the protagonists saddened and angered by the deportation of an old friend. Meanwhile, the protagonist is horrified upon hearing that his one-night stand plans to have an abortion, saying “‘bortion is wrong”. However, his mother quickly steps in to teach him that it’s the woman’s choice and his responsibility is to support her in whatever she decides. Having been corrected of his grave error, he dutifully agrees.

Or consider Insatiable, a story set in the Bible belt, following Patty, a teenage pageant competitor, and her pageant coach, Bob. In the show, Bob is happily married with two children, when his nemesis kisses him, awakening feelings he didn’t know he had. He then declares soulfully that he can’t be happy unless he, his wife, and his boyfriend all have a relationship together. After they reject the idea, we watch Bob’s teenage son help him jump into the poly-amorous dating world. The broody teen was originally furious with his father for destroying his family, but apparently, he’s all on board in the name of helping his father have sex with multiple strangers at once.

And let’s not forget the scene when Patty has a pregnancy scare and turns to Bob for advice. Rather than have a conversation about her feelings and options, he announces that as a man, he has no right to tell her what to do with her body. Did I mention that the show is set in the Bible belt? The above events occur alongside a baptism, pageant competitions run by the pastor, and songs about Jesus.

In sum, social justice has enormous control over our daily environments and the information and norms we experience, in much the same way cults control their member’s daily environments. Of course, this short article only provides a handful of examples in each category. For those who are interested in a much fuller proof of the extent of social justice in our daily lives, I recommend Douglas Murray’s book, The Madness of Crowds. Reading alternate sources such as The Post Millennial, True North or The Western Standard are also a good way to get out of your bubble. Unless, of course, you’ve been told that these books and sources are alt-right, far-right, or phobic—and thus, you will steer clear of them before ever evaluating them for yourself. This is yet another method cults use to control their members – which I will cover in further detail next week.


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