Edible marijuana product found among child’s Halloween treats

Sometimes you get a whole lot more than you wanted.

Sometimes you get a whole lot more than you wanted.

According to two Nova Scotian parents from Coldbrook, their child received a candy that looked like cannabis-based edibles.

In response, Police are investigating the area, including running tests on the product and searching for other kids who may have received edibles while trick-or-treating.

According to the Mounties, the parents found a Halloween-themed package containing several jujube-style candies.

“We’re having the item analyzed to make sure what is actually in it,” said Cpl. Jennifer Clarke, an RCMP spokeswoman, based in Halifax.

According to the parent, the central location of where the candy came from will be hard to determine, as the kids visited homes in Cambridge, Kentville and Coldbrook.

While the idea of edibles in Halloween candy is exceptionally worrying, after further investigation, Police have said that no other child received edible cannabis while trick-or-treating.

The presence of consumable marijuana products in Halloween candy comes at a precarious time as edible items made with THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in Marijuana, became legal for adults nationwide only this October.

While the product has become legal, due to the regulatory process, no merchandise is expected to hit the Canadian legal market until December at the earliest.