FRIGHTENING DEBT: Ontario man makes cemetery to highlight Canadian debt

A concerned Canadian puts up a national debt cemetery on his front lawn to raise awareness of Canada’s massive national debt.

The debt gravedigger from Amherstburg, Ontario is back again in time for Halloween.

Anthony Leardi put up a video of his lawn display on Facebook to raise awareness of the humungous debt load Canadians carry of over $650 billion.

“Because it’s Halloween in Canada and nothings scarier in Canada than Canada’s federal debt,” says Leardi in the video.

Leardi says no media have taken an interest in his political statement, other than third-party advertiser and Facebook group Canada Proud.

“Ontario Proud actually covered my provincial debt cemetery in 2018 and it got almost one million views on their site.”

The federal election debates and media coverage have instead focused predominantly on other issues such as climate change, indigenous issues and cost of living.

“When I show people these numbers, they are very concerned. They are especially concerned about the interest payments. And young people really get it when you tell them, “I’m 50. I won’t live long enough to pay this debt back. But you’re only 20. You will be paying interest on this debt for the rest of your life!”

The tomb stones list ghastly facts of the national debt, such as “Canadians pay $49,500 minute on interest on the debt.”

“When my son Andrew was 10 years old, he and I were talking about making Hallowe’en decorations,” said Leardi. “He suggested a cemetery and I added the part about “debt.” To this day, he takes credit for the whole thing!”