American News Sep 29, 2021 3:06 PM EST

General Mark Milley says he doesn't remember calling conservative media 'domestic terrorists'

Despite evidence to the contrary, Milley said "I'm not recalling this conversation at all."

General Mark Milley says he doesn't remember calling conservative media 'domestic terrorists'
Angelo Isidorou Vancouver, British Columbia

Representative Jim Banks of Indiana pressed General Mark Milley on his claim that various conservative media outlets are "domestic terrorists." Speaking at the US House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, Milley said, "I'm not recalling this conversation at all."

"You told Bob Woodward that you wrote in a list in your notebook of groups that you personally believe are responsible for the attack, and that you associated with it, and you call these groups 'domestic terrorists or this domestic terrorism.,'" Banks told Milley.

"That list included in your notebook, according to Bob Woodward and your conversations with him, Nazis and oath keepers, but it also included two conservative media outlets that you listed in your notebook, including the Epoch Times, which by the way is a news outlet that was founded by critics of the Chinese Communist Party and Newsmax which is the second most-watched conservative media outlet in the country today. Do your notes about January 6 reference both Epoch Times and Newsmax as on a list of domestic terrorists?" asked Banks.

"I'm not recalling this conversation at all," Milley replied.

"You have a notebook that lists Newsmax and Epoch Times as domestic terrorists as recounted by the Bob Woodward book, Peril. Is Bob Woodward lying to us in the book?" Banks asked again. "I don't know. I don't recall any conversation about the Epoch Times," replied Milley.

"Do you believe that Newsmax and Epoch Times are domestic terrorists, or they're readers are?" Banks asked, pressing Milley to respond.

"Not at all. I don't think Epoch Times nor Newsmax are domestic terrorist organizations," Milley replied, apparently contradicting his claim in the book.

Earlier in the same committee, Representative Matt Gaetz also grilled General Milley over President Biden's failed exit out of Afghanistan..

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