GOOD NEWS: Couple and dog lost in B.C. wilderness for week found safe

A B.C. couple and dog were found safe in the mountain wilderness after being stranded for a week in a remote cabin.
Graeme Gordon Montreal, QC

Columbia Valley RCMP found a couple and their dog who were lost in the remote B.C. wilderness for a week.

Damon Brodeur, 24, Catherine Gibbons, 22, and their dog Koa were found safe after losing contact with friends and family on Oct. 24.

Pictures of Damon Brodeur and Catherine Gibbons post by Brodeur’s mother. (Facebook)

Columbia Valley RCMP found out the two were missing on Wednesday. The couple had gone camping when the trip went awry.

Police say a RCMP aircraft found Gibbons’ silver 2004 Hyundai Sante Fe at Quin Creek Forest Service Road in the Rocky Mountains east of Wasa, B.C.

RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey said the SUV was “notably stuck in a creek crossing filled with snow and ice.”

RCMP handout.
RCMP handout.

The RCMP released photos showing the stranded couple had written “HELP” in the snow by the stuck vehicle. The also put an arrow in the snow pointing the way to a nearby cabin they were living in for several days with their dog.

Police say as a precaution the two were taken to hospital but were “in good spirits”.

Brodeur’s mother was thrilled when she got the great news they were safe.

“FOUND!!! FOUND!!! FOUND!!! Damon Brodeur and Cassie and koa have been found and rescued!!!! The helicopter let him call me from heli and his first words were I’m sorry, I love you but we are all good!!! Xoxoxo,” said Cherie Brodeur on Facebook.

“Mama update. As I sit, still very shakily, but knowing my baby boy, the pup and Cassie are safe I want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone. I am so forever grateful. So many people gathered around me and my family to help in so many ways and I can’t say thank you enough.”

Graeme Gordon
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