REVEALED: Bernie Sanders associate’s extensive violent criminal record

Alex Friedmann, a former consultant to Bernie Sanders, was recently arrested for allegedly planning a jailbreak. His violent past has now been revealed.

Alex Friedmann, a former consultant to Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign, was recently arrested for allegedly planning a violent jailbreak and planting weapons and ammo inside a Tennessee jail.

Now, OAN’s Jack Posobiec has revealed that Friedmann has an extensive violent criminal record. His rap sheet includes:

  • Assault with intent to murder
  • Robbery – armed with deadly weapon
  • Attempted aggravated robbery

The offences occurred between November of 1987 and May of 1991, and he was released from prison in 2005 for these violent crimes.

During a Wednesday press conference, Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall spoke about Friedmann’s plan, calling it evil:

“Throughout the last several weeks it was discovered that Mr. Friedmann, over many months, had developed and implemented an extremely deliberate—and in my opinion evil—plan … Understand, this plan went far beyond vandalism. Ultimately it included planting various tools, weapons, security equipment throughout this facility. All designed to assist in a massive escape plan.”

“What disturbed me most is not that this was about an escape,” Hall went on to say “It was also about loss of life.”

The Sanders 2020 presidential campaign has not yet commented on Friedmann’s arrest or his violent past.