The 'Great Reset' is an elitist attempt to enact global socialism

The Great Reset would use the blunt force trauma of the pandemic to force the world to reshape according to socialist dictates.

Libby Emmons Brooklyn NY

Ever wondered what all the social justice positions would look like if rolled into one comprehensive social engineering document? That's the Great Reset, spearheaded by the World Economic Forum. The WEF wants to use the blunt force trauma of the pandemic to force the world to reshape according to socialist dictates.

The coronavirus crisis has been used as a reason to put together a social justice wish list that would be enacted by multi-national and governments to tackle everything from climate change to corporate equity.

The idea is that this global pandemic should be used to quickly and swiftly change multiple structures and systems across society, and that it shouldn't be done through a democratic process, but through the invention and imagination of those who would wrest control simply due to their power, wealth, and access to resources.

They write "this initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons."

The message is that "...the Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being." But in fact, it focuses on a top down approach to solving global problems in a way that focuses on group outcomes and has nothing to do with individual liberty or self-determination.

Reimagining capitalism

Guidance instructs governments and companies to "reimagine capitalism" to adhere to the tenets of a vague value system that is based in nothing but achieving specific outcomes, without concern for how they would be achieved. It's Machavelian to be sure, an ends-justifies-the-means scenario. Klaus Schwab, chairman of the World Economic Forum, claims that the best way forward is for governments and corporations to work together, as they have been on COVID vaccine research. He cites this example, saying that there was "strong cooperation between governments and business to secure the funds needed."

"Looking forward," he said, "such virtuous instincts can become a feature of our economic systems rather than a rare exception." His vision is for the most powerful entities in society, those both elected and the unelected corporate entities, work together to restructure the world's economic system.

No more fossil fuels

No more coal, oil, or fossil fuels should be used under this Great Reset. Under this new plan, all energy production should be moved to solar, wind, and renewables. The method for this is not market demand, but force of will from the top down, and nuclear energy, despite its being clean and incredibly powerful, is excluded.

The exclusion of nuclear has more to do with the baby boomer generation advocating so strongly against nuclear that it has been entirely discounted as the next great breakthrough in energy production. This opposition was not based in facts about nuclear energy, but blind fear and moral repugnance due to the atomic age.

Solar and wind do not have the efficiency of fossil fuels, or of nuclear, but they are believed to be moral, whereas nuclear and fossil fuels are not. The push, by Greta Thunberg, the Democrats in the US House of Representatives, as well as others, for a "green new deal," for the shuttering of progress in the name of a values driven push to new, untested forms of energy, it is feelings first, facts second.

Corporate diversity

The Great Reset wants social justice in the executive suite. What that means is hire more black people for executive positions, and pay them more, and give them more raises. It's a call for affirmative action at the highest levels of corporate structures, where merit should first and foremost be the driving force behind advancement. Writing in Time, Darren Walker said that advancement for managers should be tied to their promotions of people based on race.

More than just advocating for people to be hired and advanced based on race, there are a host of other criteria to consider to reset corporate practices, including wage dictates from the bottom to the top. And corporations are asked to advocate for a tax code that favours more taxes, defunding police, socialized medicine, government housing, and universal basic income. For Walker, shareholder concerns and the funds in their pockets ought not be of issue at all. "...if what you're changing in your corporate practices doesn't affect your bottom line, you're not doing enough."

"Five months into a pandemic that has shuttered the economy, Canada is subsidizing wages at 75% of full salary, while Americans are left to queue at food banks, wondering whether the next unemployment check will be their last," Walker writes, not noting the major problem this is posing in Canada. The country is going broke, and Conservative leaders have shown that at this point, Canadians are getting paid to not work, and that when they have the choice between working and earning v. not working and still earning, they opt for the latter.

Increase global debt and create a massive welfare state

Mariana Mazzucato imagines looking back at 2020 from three years on, and reveals what it took for the world to get on stable footing once this Great Reset was enacted. She imagines the remaking of 100 cities across Europe to be carbon-neutral and the forking over of masses of "funds to implement strong strategies for addressing climate change, reducing the digital divide and strengthening health systems." The US does the same. Everything the people could possibly want becomes funded by government. In this scenario, companies get huge bailouts in exchange for running their businesses the way the progressive governments want them to, as do local governments capitulate their rights and purviews to the federal level.

Each scenario posed by those thinkers, corporate heads, and government officials who helm the concept of the Great Reset have to do with radical transformations of society and culture that are implemented not per the will of the people, but by those elites that control the means of communication, money and business. They want everyone on the globe to fall in line with their preferred way of life. The Great Reset is based in a set of values that comprise a new religion.

This new religion is one where we worship ourselves and draw our morality not from dictates about how we ought treat each other as individuals, but on what is perceived to be the best group outcome. Doing what's best for the group at the exclusion of individual's wishes leads directly to tyranny. That is something that capitalism, hand-in-hand with democracy and advancements in energy production has moved away from.


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