WATCH: Anti-pipeline protestors try to light train on FIRE

Other eco-radicals failed to block a train by standing in front of it when it came barrelling at them, moving out of the way with only seconds to spare.

A group of anti-pipeline protestors attempted to light a train on fire in the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, which temporarily stopped freight train traffic.

The footage was caught by media outlet Real People’s Media.

Police spokesman Bill Dickson told The Canadian Press the protestors lit a fire by and on the railway tracks as a train train moved through the area around Belleville, Wednesday morning.

Dickson said the individuals threw a few tires on the tracks and lit them.

Video shows they also threw wooden pallets to fuel the fire.

Another video shows other eco-radical anti-pipeline protestors standing on a track as a train came barrelling at them. They only moved out of the way in the last minute after their attempt to stop the train failed.