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WATCH: Dinesh D'Souza explains how the US military is using woke propaganda to purge conservatives

The United States military, like many establishments in the US, has not been spared from "woke" ideologies and critical race theory teachings, as recent events have proven.

Hannah Nightingale Washington DC

The United States military, like many establishments in the US, has not been spared from "woke" ideologies and critical race theory teachings, as recent events have proven.

In Tuesday’s episode of the Dinesh D’Souza podcast, D’Souza talked about the military’s attempts to purge "extremism" from its ranks, led by questionable people with questionable definitions of extremism.

"I want to describe the anti-racist propaganda that's going on inside the military, and also the attempt to purge the military of so called extremists," said D’Souza. "Interestingly enough, that campaign is being led by an extremist who is being advised by other extremists. So when General Milley puts on this kind of peacock like pose and implies that there's a fair minded kind of analysis going on here that is simply not true."

One of these said "extremists" that is identifying extremism, reportedly revealed by Revolver Magazine, is Bishop Garrison, a senior advisor to the Secretary of Defense for Diversity and Inclusion. Extremism is identified by combing through a person’s records and social media.

"But when you look at extremism, you discover the definitions of it are kind of suspect. First of all, one of the things that they called one type of extremism is 'patriot extremism,' said D’Souza.

D’Souza elaborated that this meant "when a citizen believes 'the US government has become corrupt' or 'has overstepped its constitutional boundaries.'

"Yeah, this is probably the view of one half of the country at the minimum at the minimum," he continued, adding that this was separate from white supremacy in that it wasn’t tied to race.

"Extremism used to mean something. Legally, extremism used to mean basically you essentially have the views of a terrorist," said D’Souza. "You want to do extra legal or non legal violence against the country that was an extremist. Now you have this kind of one sided definition in which left wing extremism is completely excluded. And things that are not extreme things that are actually quite mainstream, are classified as extreme because they're coming from the direction of the right."

Citing Revolver Magazine’s reporting, Garrison is an avid proponent of the 1619 project, and thinks Trump’s border wall, deportation of illegal immigrants, DACA criticism, as well as questioning transgender people is racist.

"He thinks all of this is a real threat to national security," said D’Souza.

In an August 2020 interview, Garrison was asked if he had ever experienced racism in the military, to which he said no. When asked if he has ever experienced systematic racism himself, he said "I've never had anyone directly engage me and call me an outright racist name. I've never had anyone attack me based on any immutable traits."

"And when they asked him for evidence of systemic racism in the military, he talks about mass shootings, mass shootings that are not in the military, when mass shootings occurring in society," D’Souza said. "So here's a completely separate problem, which by the way, is not a problem derived from white supremacy. All you have to do is look at a list of mass shooters over the last five years, you will see it as a very racially diverse list."

D’Souza then goes on to talk about Garrison’s "sidekick," according to Revolver’s reporting.

Christoper Goldsmith set up the independent corporation Sparvarious LLC, according to D’Souza. He added that Goldsmith is "even more far left than Garrison."

In one social media post, Goldsmith reportedly claimed "I am Antifa."

In connection to his corporation, Goldsmith states that "I'm a veteran. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to search through the records of people in the military, locate extremism, and alert the military."

"So he's outside the military supposedly advising the military on outing extremism. He's supposed to be some kind of an expert," said D’Souza, who added that "this guy is so far left" that he tweeted "it's past time to start calling the National GOP what it is, the party of fascism."

"So he thinks that the GOP is basically the party of fascism, and he's treating people sympathetic to the GOP, as these are basically partisans of fascism, or let's just call them partisans of Hitler," D’Souza stated. "So this is the underlying psychology with which they are approaching the military now, and you know, this is one thing, if you do this in the department of black studies, you know, at Purdue University. It's a whole different thing when you're when you're dealing with the military, which is an institution that relies upon people who can rely on each other."

D’Souza adds that "you put in all this poisonous rhetoric, and you convince soldiers that their that their views, patriotic views, views in defense of America, conservative views, let's just say MAGA views, are going to get them targeted, identified, routed out of the military demoted. And so this horrible enterprise, which is poisoning our society is now poisoning our military."

He called the development "very disturbing" because "it really means that the left is corrupting this institution," adding that corruption like this has been used in socialist countries because "the socialists want to do is use the military as their own weapon against their own citizens."

"We're not there yet, but I'm afraid we are moving inexorably in that terrifying direction," D'Souza concluded.

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