Why I’m Voting PPC

Only the People’s Party of Canada advocates Personal Responsibility.

Elliot Mashford Montreal QC

First off, I’d like to thank The Post Millennial for the opportunity to share my opinion. Freedom of speech is under attack in our country, and many other media corporations and media outlets are promoting this infringement of our basic rights.

I will preface my position by saying I have many traditional liberal values, I care about others, and I tell the truth.

I want to clean up our local environment. I want the overdose crisis to end.

I want housing to be affordable. I want single moms who have been victims of domestic abuse to have a place to go.

I want people who are disabled to have disability insurance that truly covers the cost of a care home. I want civics, personal finance and economics taught in high school.  I want a prosperous, debt-free Canada.  I want equal opportunity for all, not equal, unsatisfactory outcomes.

My name is Elliot Mashford, I am a business owner who has lived in Vancouver for over 15 years.

I employ a diverse group of people, and I am an active contributor to my community. Recently, I have become concerned with the proliferation of disinformation in the mainstream media and its impact on public policy in Canada.

I am also concerned with the direction of Canadian politics and the Canadian economy.

Our polity has degenerated into a game of identity politics, whereas established political parties eagerly pander to the whims of the ethnic groups who support them.

In turn, they engage in patronage politics by granting tax credits or offering other benefits in return for votes. Canada’s leading journalists and scholars eagerly provide accurate descriptions of such activities in other countries, yet they balk at calling things by their proper name in our own country. The time for euphemisms and political correctness is over: these practices are immoral and should be seen for what they are. This country is full of graft, corruption and abuses of the public trust.

The complacent political establishment in Canada is intensely self-interested and is eager to advance their political agenda at the expense of economic prosperity, social solidarity and all other relevant aspects of the public good.

Our mainstream federal party options consist of venal political parties who see little distinction between their personal finances and the nation’s financial resources.

As such, they have no moral qualms about using tax dollars to buy votes.

What they do not want us to know is that their profligacy is the cause of our national debt, not the solution thereof. In other words, they are holding us hostage in a vicious cycle of problems that they have created in the first place.

Naturally, most Canadians feel sympathetic to their rhetoric and cannot imagine an alternative to business as usual. After all, it may seem, an abusive relationship with our overlords seems to be a less frightening prospect than the blind terror of the unknown. Yet, psychologists are aware of this psychological malaise and it has a well-documented name: Stockholm Syndrome.

Before I dive in, I believe every Canadian has a personal responsibility to vote for the candidate they believe is most qualified to run the government.

Andrew Scheer is a fake insurance broker, and Justin Trudeau is a drama teacher.

These are the resumes of our front-runners?

For God’s sakes, I am more qualified to be the prime minister.

I cannot imagine how anyone in their right mind could entrust either of those two charlatans to be in charge of the most pressing affairs in our nation.

If this is not conclusive evidence of how the majority of our country suffers from Stockholm syndrome and a comprehensive failure of rationality, I don’t know what is.

The People’s Party of Canada had an interesting beginning.

Maxime Bernier, a long-time Conservative Party member, split off about one year ago, to establish the PPC. His departure was based on his unwillingness to sponsor the Dairy Cartel, in exchange for the Conservative leadership. Hence, he was dealt with accordingly and received a stern admonition: hit the ball back or else.

In response to standing up for Canadians’ financial interests, he was defeated as a candidate for the CPC leadership position, and this was handed to Andrew Scheer. Instead of operating within this framework, Max renounced all allegiance to mainstream politics and did the only morally admirable thing he could have done: he established his own party. The PPC is based on personal responsibility, equal opportunity and putting Canadians first.

The People’s Party of Canada understands the importance of balancing our budget, putting more money in the pocket of the individual, and maintaining the strength of our export-based economy. Furthermore, Maxime Bernier understands the ridiculous environment of virtue signalling, identity politics and tumultuous dishonesty that is being spewed by the status-quo politicians and has spoken out aggressively against this.

Everyone has good ideas, but not everyone has good solutions. For example, climate change, global warming and pollution are three completely different things and need to be addressed accordingly. For those “protesting” in the name of “fighting climate change” in Vancouver: you are the biggest consumers of manufactured goods of all time, the public policies you support would cripple our economy, and you ignore environmental and financial issues in our own backyard.

For those who think it’s okay to perpetually run a government deficit: it’s not okay, and will put all of us at extreme risk in the event of a recession or sudden shifts in the global market. Those two factors should be communicated to the NDP, Green and Liberal voters in our country. Unfortunately our taxpayer-funded media are illiterate in understanding economics and finance, so they don’t inform the public properly.

I will touch on a few policies that all status quo parties support, but the PPC does not: Corporate welfare (giving taxpayer dollars to multi-billion dollar corporations), foreign aid (give hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign governments, which is well documented to be misused by corrupt governments) and maintaining the equalization payment structure in Canada–which makes absolutely zero sense other than to some inept, corrupt provincial governments. The current EP system fails to incentivize provincial economies and robs Western Canada.

Only the People’s Party of Canada advocates personal responsibility. The PPC want to shrink government and reduce our taxes, versus creating a welfare state environment which eliminates personal incentive and equal treatment of Canadians.

The best way to grow as a person is to stop blaming your problems on others. Blaming others for your problems is a complete waste of time: you don’t learn anything, you can’t grow, and you can’t mature. However, it is also true that some diseases are better to have when you’re young.

Our institutional sclerosis that is tainted by the legacy of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the chicanery of Mr. Scheer may be a case of measles or acne. Yet, we must grow up and do so quickly before these pathogens morph into deadly viruses. We need to overcome our collective Stockholm Syndrome and there is only one way to do it: terminate our relationship with our abusers.

A young person grows up only when they stop expecting adults to solve all of their problems and the cycle of abuse ends only when we begin taking matters into our own hands. No, we are not promising a munificent welfare state or a neo-Marxist utopia (minus the secret police, the gulags and complete censorship).

We are calling upon all Canadians to acknowledge that liberty is a universal value that can thrive in all cultures and societies: ours is not an exception.  It is a paradox of freedom that liberties come with responsibilities, so we must accept our obligations and the risks that come with them in order to be truly free. Freedom is the foundation of a prosperous and truly just society. We must not allow our fellow Canadians to forget this timeless truism.

It was discovered a few days ago that the Conservative Party of Canada paid for a smear campaign to “seek and destroy” the People’s Party of Canada, while portraying Maxime Bernier and his supporters (including myself) as racists.

I have been falsely accused of being a racist countless times since I started advocating for the People’s Party of Canada.

This is a distinctive example of our current political establishment, and what they are willing to do to secure votes. It is a moral catastrophe and will not go unnoticed unless we take our stand now, we don’t need a “fake news” culture in Canada.

We cannot and will not accomplish these goals with the current political establishment. Don’t vote out of fear, vote for your values and vote for what you believe in. It’s the only way to eventually get real change.


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