Winnipeg hit with 38th homicide this year

Winnipeg continues its rather tough year with another homicide.

Winnipeg continues its tough year with yet another homicide.

According to Global News, police on Saturday will be discussing a recent homicide at Citizens night club, the 38th in Winnipeg this year.

Worryingly, Winnipeg’s 38th homicide is the fifth this week for the city.

With the current trajectory, it is quite likely that the city will pass the record set in 2011, with 41 homicides.

While the rise in homicides has been worrying, police have urged calm, noting that the vast majority of deaths this year involved personal lifestyle choices.

“If you’re not involved in gang life, if you’re not involved in criminal activity, if you’re not buying or selling drugs, the reality is you’re pretty safe in this city,” Carver said.

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