Antifa activist submits false 'terrorist' report to the FBI, preventing a conservative couple from starting a family in the US

By submitting a fake tip to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an Antifa activist allegedly blocked a British man from living with his wife in the United States, denying the start of their family for four years and counting.
Mia Cathell The Post Millennial

By submitting a fake tip to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an Antifa activist allegedly blocked a British man from living with his wife in the United States, denying the start of their family for four years and counting.

Jack Buckby has spent most of his relationship apart and has yet to step foot on US soil since November 2016. Despite no criminal record, he received suspicious visa denials because of an allegation that falsely claimed he's a terrorist, Buckby told The Post Millennial in an exclusive interview.

"I have spent a very significant sum of money trying to rectify this," Buckby stated. "And lost four years of our life. I just want to be with my wife."

Buckby is a counter-extremism researcher who authored a book, Monster Of Their Own Making: How the Far Left, The Media, And Politicians Are Creating Far Right Extremists, describing his experiences in the British National Party in his youth and how the far- right recruit the young generation.

His wife, Martina Markota, is a victim of Antifa doxxing and cancel culture in her industry. She is a performance artist in New York City who was well-known by her stage persona, "Lady Alchemy." Using her real name, Markota publicly advocated for President Donald Trump during the 2016 primaries, appearing on The Gavin McInnes Show to express her support for Trump and detail how she survived as a conservative in the liberal arts scene.

Following Trump's presidential election, Markota was doxxed by NYC Antifa who published her address, her family's address, and described her as a fascist online. She was then fired from a theatre she had worked at for years, dropped by her agent, and canceled from independent gigs when left-wing performers would contact her clients and call Markota a “Nazi.”

To this day, Markota is regularly blacklisted from booking rosters.

Then in 2017, Markota was contacted by an FBI agent who told her that they had received a tip, alleging that she was then-engaged to a British man plotting to commit terrorist acts in the U.S. and that their engagement was a fraud for Buckby to obtain a green card.

The FBI informant is named, but Buckby and Markota have asked for her identity to remain anonymous to prevent her social media presence from gaining traction.

That same year, the named informant, also from the NYC arts world, admitted to the tip in her personal blog. In the post, she smears Markota, calling her "Portia" to avoid a defamation lawsuit she knowingly admits she's liable "[f]or legal reasons." Working alongside other burlesque performers who felt Markota had made them "extremely uncomfortable" and "unsafe" with her Republican views, the FBI tipper, a self-described "not so bitter divorcee" with too much time on her hands, sought to take down Markota.

"This was more difficult than you can imagine some days," the blogger wrote as she used her old camcorder and a laptop to capture episodes of The Gavin McInnes Show featuring Markota to show producers proof that the conservative performer was "espousing...anti-LGBTQ and racist views."

"The trickiest part was keeping my cats from meowing too much or walking through the shot," she continued.

She went on to admit that she contacted a local NYC-based Antifa group, switching her focus from Markota to McInnes.

"Portia gave me exactly what my friends wanted," she blogged. "The other performers were happy with what I was giving them but Portia didn’t really interest me."

The Antifa group asked for evidence of McInnes inciting violence, but within a couple of months of inactivity, she realized that the organisation wasn't "a good fit."

"I wasn’t about to sit through dozens of hours of toxic rants by McInnes for nothing," she wrote.

The blogger moved on to anonymously send a flash drive of footage with a one-page document to the FBI headquarters in NYC.

Then when McInnes was fired from his show on the newly-formed Blaze TV for his association with the far-right Proud Boys, she followed up with roughly 20 padded envelopes of similar contents, using the FBI address as the return address.

"I knew Gavin for many years and was associated with him during the early Proud Boys days. I wasn't happy with the behaviour of the group," Buckby urged.

But Buckby was still looped in with the Proud Boys leak, he alleged.

Within days of the FBI tip, Buckby said that he logged online to view his visa waiver status, but his account read "Travel Not Authorized."

Shortly after, Buckby arranged an appointment at the U.S. Embassy in London to obtain a tourist visa. After a long interview, his case was considered “Pending Administrative Processing," to be decided after a 60-day background check. Buckby was ordered to leave. For now, his case was considered denied. Two years passed with no contact, decision, or explanation.

Luke Burke, a senior member of the Homeland Security Committee, told Buckby: “I have spoken to the FBI and to U.S. Customs and Border Protection and all I can say is that your name is being flagged for something in the [Electronic System for Travel Authorization] application system.”

Then in December 2017, Iowa Rep. Steve King asked the U.S. Embassy in London for answers, noting that the "extremely long wait time" was "highly unusual."

King was told: “Mr. Buckby’s application is subjected to additional, mandatory administrative processing…While administrative processing usually lasts up to 60 days, in some instances it can take significantly longer.”

A year after the tourist visa application, a British member of European Parliament, Janice Atkinson, requested information on Buckby's behalf and received a similar response.

In 2018, Buckby applied for a journalist visa out of frustration to see if that would be accepted. He was denied because the tourist visa was still inexplicably in administrative processing.

Then Buckby decided to file a civil rights lawsuit against Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, and former acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

"After two years of no response from the Embassy, and no answers to numerous politicians requesting information as to why I was being treated in such a mysterious way, I sued the United States government to compel them to process the visa," Buckby told The Post Millennial.

The suit was withdrawn once Buckby received an answer on his tourist visa, which was successfully processed but denied.

"Again, I meet all the criteria for a visa. I have never broken the law. I am a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen," Buckby emphasized.

Once the lawsuit ended, Buckby applied for a spousal visa, which is still ongoing. And for seven months now, Markota has not visited him in the United Kingdom due to the global COVID-19 shutdown.

Since, Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar has assisted Buckby with his case.

Tom Van Flein, Gosar's chief of staff, wrote that his office has reached out to the Department of Homeland Security and "ultimately had the matter reviewed to clear the Buckbys."

"What happened to them is a clear case of doxxing and bordered on the crime of swatting," Van Flein stated in an email to The Post Millennial.

Gosar's office determined that the false allegation had "harmed [Buckby's] ability to travel."

“At no point was there ever any evidence of violence, threats or anything else that would violate U.S. laws that could even remotely warrant a travel ban," he wrote.

Van Flein noted that "[t]here was no reason for the extremely long delay" in reviewing the claim against Buckby "to which the bureaucracy unfortunately failed to vet, verify, confirm or reject."

Meanwhile, Markota's sister was diagnosed with leukemia and hospitalized. Not only was Buckby restricted from visiting his wife's family at a grave time, but Markota, a blacklisted performer, could not financially support her family when they needed it most.

There has been no mainstream media coverage on Buckby's case and "how Antifa worked to destroy our lives," Buckby exclusively told The Post Millennial.

To this day, Buckby is mocked by leftists online.

If Buckby's case is told by left-wing outlets, the FBI informant will be rewarded with the attention she craves and hailed as a hero, Buckby explained.

"She is desperately trying to get credit for hurting us and others, and is really clambering to be relevant," Buckby warned.

"But at the same time, we feel like we need to get this story out there to show how vindictive these people are," he continued.

"[The accuser] and her friends in Antifa and the NYC performing arts scene really believe they are fighting Nazis, but we are just a couple who want to be together and start a family," Buckby concluded.

The Post Millennial reached out the Antifa activist who told us that she did not name Buckby or his wife by name. She went on to say, "As far as Antifa is concerned, I'm a moderate Democrat who is against fascism and that's all you'll get out of me."

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