As China’s lies unravel, questions reemerge about the origin of coronavirus

It is not certain that the deadly pathogen that's infecting and killing our loved ones originated from a lab in China, but China has lied about everything and they lie to us still.
Barrett Wilson Montreal, QC

When it comes to coronavirus coverage, Tucker Carlson has been not only essential, but there is a compelling argument that he’s saved lives. As the story goes, Carlson sped to Mar-a-Lago in early March “with an urgent message for the president. He was there to pull Donald Trump aside and speak frankly about the dangers of the coronavirus epidemic.”

He’s been credited with opening the eyes of the President, now Carlson is opening the eyes of the American people to the malicious deceit of the Chinese totalitarian communist regime. In this stunning 8 minute clip, Carlson explains a theory put forth by a Chinese research paper that the coronavirus may have originated in a Wuhan lab. The theory is not that the pathogen is biological warfare, but simply that there is compelling evidence that its origins may be from a research lab and not the wet market as authorities said it was.

Carlson begins his segment by highlighting the disgusting display of lies and corruption that the World Health Organization (WHO) has been guilty of since the coronavirus emerged. He revisits the disappearance of Chinese whistleblowing doctors, and makes it clear that the WHO is more interested in serving China’s interests than it is in fighting the deadly virus.

To bring us this information, he taps into broadcasts from 60 Minutes Australia, which has been much more critical of China’s claims regarding the virus than either the WHO or North American media. Carlson questions why our media isn’t covering it, and these are essential  questions to ask as apologists for the Chinese regime continue to make excuses for their mishandling of the crisis.

The research paper in question makes the claim that it is most likely that the coronavirus came from an animal known as the intermediate horseshoe bat. The authors of the paper confirmed that there were no horseshoe bats sold at the now infamous wet market in Wuhan—the current consensus place of origin in both establishment media and official Chinese government talking points.

The paper claims that there were two laboratories close to the wet market that used horseshoe bats for research. They noted that a scientist from the Wuhan Centre for Disease Control and Prevention had been exposed to the blood and urine of horseshoe bats. And they suggested that tissue samples may have ended up at the nearby wet market. The paper concludes: “The killer coronavirus likely originated from a laboratory in Wuhan.”

While this claim is yet to be rigorously tested, it should be noted that the scientists who authored the paper are Chinese nationals from South China University of Technology. These are not anti-China or anti-Chinese activists by any stretch.

With very few exceptions (like this recent Washington Times article) the North American media has been silent on this issue. Those who dare to question the official narrative of coronavirus origin pay a hefty price: mockery, censorship, being deplatformed on social media. Why is it that any suggestion that the coronavirus may have originated in a disease control or virology lab is immediately met with anger, shrieking, and censorship? And why is it that it’s completely acceptable for establishment media types to spread pro-China propaganda through their outlets and all over social media?

Carlson put it this way: “One of the surest signs that people are lying to you is when they answer questions you didn’t ask. And that’s exactly what the professional class is doing with this story. And they’re doing it on many fronts. They’re lying to you. They’re claiming to know things they don’t know; they’re dismissing the obvious as impossible; they’re blaming you for their failures, and the media is helping them do it. The stakes are too high to let them continue this way. So no matter what, stay skeptical.”

He’s right.

Researchers and scientists are working hard around the world to find out just where this novel coronavirus called COVID-19 has come from. But many bad actors in the media and in the political world are running interference.

Xi Jinping’s administration has spread lies about the virus originating from outside China’s borders. Just today, US intelligence confirmed that China has been providing deceitful data to the world about its own sick and dead. It’s as though by placing these rumours and spreading these lies, Xi and his officials will be able to deflect blame from a government that is known internationally to have a callous disregard not only for the global population, but for their own citizens.

It’s never been more clear that we trust China at our own peril. It is not certain that the deadly pathogen now holding the world hostage and infecting and killing our loved ones originated from a lab in China, but China lied about the origins of the virus, its level of contagion, its rate of infection, and they lie to us still. These lies are propped up by the World Health Organization. We would be wise to dig deeper and look beyond what China and the media tell us must be true. We are told over and over that the way to combat this virus is through our own individual actions, and we need to maintain independent thought, as well.

China lies. The World Health Organization lies. These have been exposed again and again as established facts. We should be used to not trusting them by now.

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