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Ari Hoffman

Ari is the associate editor and Seattle correspondent of The Post Millenial. He is also the host of The Ari Hoffman Show on Talk Radio 570 KVI

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BREAKING: Seattle city council overrides mayor's veto—defunds police despite public objection

The Seattle city council voted on Tuesday to override the mayor's veto of a bill to defund the Seattle Police Department, voting, again, to defund SPD.

Ari Hoffman / Sep 23, 2020

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Antifa militants in Seattle complain after homeless people steal their riot gear

Seattle BLM and Antifa lamented over social media that their riot gear has been stolen by the homeless.

Ari Hoffman / Sep 22, 2020


Seattle to be first city in the nation to offer 'safe injection sites'

The council now appears to be trying to take up the legislation while the public's attention is focused on other matters such as defunding the Seattle Police Department.

Ari Hoffman / Sep 22, 2020

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Seattle hires ex-pimp to be 'Street Czar'

Before Taylor was contracted by the city to provide "expertise and support services in de-escalation, community engagement, and alternatives to policing," he was engaged in prostitution.

Ari Hoffman / Sep 21, 2020

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DOJ could bring sedition charges against Seattle mayor over 'occupied protest zone'

The Department of Justice is allegedly considering charging Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan for sedition due to her allowance of an armed, occupied protest earlier this summer.

Ari Hoffman / Sep 18, 2020

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Homicide suspect in Seattle slaying was arrested and released more than 34 times

Wednesday night, Seattle police were called to investigate a death that witnesses described as "horrific" at Cal Anderson Park. The suspect is believed to be local homeless notable Travis Berge.

Ari Hoffman / Sep 17, 2020

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BREAKING: Recall of Seattle council member who helped Antifa occupy city hall allowed to proceed

King County Superior Court Judge Jim Rogers ruled Wednesday that the recall petition against Marxist Seattle council member Kshama Sawant can proceed.

Ari Hoffman / Sep 17, 2020

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Seattle councilwoman who facilitated occupation of city hall asks city to pay legal fees for her recall

Marxist Seattle Council Member Kshama Sawant has been funneling money from the "Tax Amazon" campaign to her husband and members of her political group, The Socialist Alternative.

Ari Hoffman / Sep 15, 2020


Seattle school superintendent encourages student participation in mass protests

Schools superintendent Juneau appeared to praise the mass protests and violent riots, and wrote to students, "It has been a powerful experience watching you take to the streets to make your voices heard."

Ari Hoffman / Sep 14, 2020

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Seattle employees begged for National Guard help but elected leaders refused

Seattle employees tasked with dealing with the occupied protest asked for the National Guard and were denied that help by Governor Jay Inslee.

Ari Hoffman / Sep 10, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Seattle schools' incompetent reopening fails students and parents

Parents who enrolled their children in SPS are now finally conceding that they may have to pay for private school, tutoring, learning "pods" or other options.

Ari Hoffman / Sep 8, 2020

Opinion, News, American News

After 'defunding' police department Seattle leftists are going after the county cops

"It's a power grab by a few politicians who think they know better than voters," said Stan Seo, a Captain with the King County Sheriff's Office and a spokesperson for the Save our Sheriff campaign.

Ari Hoffman / Sep 4, 2020

Opinion, News, American News

Portland's 'Antifa war camp' was really just set up to house homeless during COVID-19

Upon further investigation, the encampment was one of three that was opened by the city of Portland for homeless people during coronavirus.

Ari Hoffman / Sep 4, 2020

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Jacob Blake's father revealed to be anti-Semitic—Biden still scheduled to meet with him

Conspiracies about the Jews controlling the media, lies about Jewish origins history are a prominent trend on his Facebook profile.

Ari Hoffman / Sep 3, 2020

Opinion, News, American News, Culture

EXCLUSIVE: Seattle schools force racist and misogynist training on teachers and administrators

According to anonymous sources that were present at the training, topics of discussion for the program were: Intersectionality, Racial Stress and Healing Centered Engagement among others.

Ari Hoffman / Sep 2, 2020

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