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Ari Hoffman

Ari is the associate editor and Seattle correspondent of The Post Millenial. He is also the host of The Ari Hoffman Show on Talk Radio 570 KVI

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REVEALED: Antifa stored weapons in Seattle occupied park

According to the SPD "Officers providing security during a Seattle Parks Department cleanup Tuesday morning at Cal Anderson Park recovered homemade spike strips, weapons and dozens of makeshift shields inside of tents in the area."

Ari Hoffman / Sep 2, 2020

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EXCLUSIVE: Attorney for family of teen murdered in Seattle's 'occupied zone' speaks out about new lawsuit against city

"With no assistance or rescue from Seattle first responders, Lorenzo died in agony from his wounds," claim the documents filed by Horace's lawyer Evan Oshan.

Ari Hoffman / Sep 1, 2020

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Alleged killer of Trump supporter claimed that he was '100% Antifa' on social media

The man being investigated by police in the fatal shooting of a Trump supporter in Portland identifies as Antifa and is an ardent Black Lives Matter supporter.

Ari Hoffman / Aug 31, 2020

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Downtown Seattle loses its only grocery store as businesses flee the city amid COVID and riots

At least 130 Seattle businesses have permanently closed and about 47,000 jobs were lost in the downtown area in the first half of the year.

Ari Hoffman / Aug 31, 2020

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Seattle Antifa group arrested in Kenosha with riot gear, controlled substances

Members of Riot Kitchen 206 have been arrested by authorities in Kenosha after police suspected that they were "…preparing for criminal activity related to the civil unrest."

Ari Hoffman / Aug 28, 2020

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Seattle city council supported 'occupied zone' despite residents' persistent complaints

Emails newly obtained by The Post Millennial show that Seattle City council members ignored or supported the violence in the occupied area protestors termed CHOP, for Capital Hill Occupied Protest.

Ari Hoffman / Aug 26, 2020

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Rioters in Seattle attempt to trap officers inside precinct building and burn them alive

On Monday night, rioters in Seattle attempted to murder Seattle Police officers by burning them alive and sealing the door of their precinct.

Ari Hoffman / Aug 26, 2020

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Seattle's leftist mayor vetos police defunding bill

After Seattle city council voted to substantially defund the police, a move which led to the resignation of the chief of police, Mayor Jenny Durkan vetoed bill.

Ari Hoffman / Aug 24, 2020

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Seattle faith leaders want the police chief back

Faith leaders, leaders from communities of color and police reform advocates called on Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best to reconsider her decision to retire.

Ari Hoffman / Aug 21, 2020

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Houston police chief recruits cops from 'defund' cities

While cities across America work to defund their police departments, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo is encouraging officers to come to Texas.

Ari Hoffman / Aug 20, 2020

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Recall petition launched against Seattle city council member who helped Antifa occupy city hall

Ernie Lou, who lives in Capitol Hill, where activists took over a six block area and held it for 30 days, filed the complaint saying that the councilmember has lost touch with her district.

Ari Hoffman / Aug 19, 2020

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18 arrested, 6 officers injured in Seattle riots

Three officers were injured and were hospitalized and eighteen people were arrested after a riot was declared during the anti-police union demonstration in SoDo.

Ari Hoffman / Aug 18, 2020


BLM is founded in Marxist ideology

Politicians who are supporting the BLM movement fail to realize they are supporting the very groups who seek to overthrow them.

Ari Hoffman / Aug 17, 2020


Far-left politician celebrates the resignation of Seattle's first black police chief as victory in 'fight against racism'

Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant celebrated the resignation of black Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best and the firing of minority officers in the "fight to stop racism."

Ari Hoffman / Aug 14, 2020


Will Seattle's local media ever accurately report on riots and chaos in embattled city?

The failed Capitol Hill Occupied Protest in Seattle could be viewed as a cautionary tale, but local Seattle media outlets and politicians still have their heads in the sand.

Ari Hoffman / Aug 11, 2020

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