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Barbara Kay

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Can conservatives and liberals really be friends in 2018?

Bari Weiss and Eve Peyser try to forge a problematic friendship

Barbara Kay / Dec 10, 2018


KAY: Women are not “womxn” no matter what activists say

Ordinary people must resist the erasure of women through language

Barbara Kay / Dec 1, 2018


KAY: Shared parenting after separation - Canadians want it, but Bill C-78 stubbornly clings to outdated winner-takes-all model

Children love their parents equally because that is the nature of things. And when their parents separate, these children still love both parents, and want equal time with each, if they cannot have both all the time.

Barbara Kay / Nov 22, 2018


KAY: Britain’s refusal of asylum to Asia Bibi is the modern equivalent of Canada’s rejection of the MS St Louis Jews

So this is what Britain has come to: a country so terrified of a small minority of Islamists that they refuse entry to a completely innocent Christian woman who has already suffered eight years of isolation and daily anticipation of death at any moment.

Barbara Kay / Nov 10, 2018


KAY: Who really won the Munk Debate on populism – and why

The big winners in this debate were freedom of speech, civility in the public forum and the fact that hundreds of thousands of people who will eventually see it can make up their own minds about Bannon’s allegedly evil views.

Barbara Kay / Nov 3, 2018


KAY: “What’s in a Residential School’s Name?” - The Talk that the University of Winnipeg Club Didn’t Want Their Members to Hear

Clifton’s thought crimes seem to be that he resists the sacred belief that the schools were intended to be a form of “cultural genocide.” In a real genocide, there are no exceptions to the rule of - at best - unrelieved misery and generalized terror.

Barbara Kay / Oct 28, 2018


KAY: Elizabeth Warren's DNA test - mocked by Trump and rejected by the Cherokees

Apart from the question of which identity group provides a greater opportunity for exploitation than another, Warren is furthering the rotten idea that one’s identity is determined by one’s bloodlines

Barbara Kay / Oct 21, 2018


KAY: Should Brett Kavanaugh have stepped down after being confirmed, as Jordan Peterson suggests?

KAY: Should Brett Kavanaugh have stepped down after being confirmed, as Jordan Peterson suggests?

Barbara Kay / Oct 15, 2018

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