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Barbara Kay

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Opinion, Culture

Rashida Tlaib just can’t quit her anti-Semitism

Rashida Tlaib couldn’t resist the impulse to dog-whistle anti-Zionists, and now she is yet again a figure of mockery and derision by all rational observers.

Barbara Kay / Sep 5, 2019

Opinion, Culture

The moral panic over gender is very irrational and very real

Much of the west is experiencing a moral panic around gender based on the irrational hypothesis that the sexual norm for humans is not essentially binary.

Barbara Kay / Aug 30, 2019

Opinion, Culture

The fake Scheer homophobia scare is a new low for the Liberals

Right on cue, the Libs unearthed a 2005 video of Andrew Scheer explaining to the House of Commons why he was personally opposed to the legalization of gay marriage.

Barbara Kay / Aug 23, 2019

Opinion, Culture

After going woke and losing $8 billion, Gillette embraces masculinity again

It focuses on one guy that most men can relate to, and admire. And what a guy Ben is! On a scale of one to ten, Ben’s male positivity hits eleven!

Barbara Kay / Aug 22, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Who is the real Michael Coren?

Coren is an extremely intelligent guy, and in his former persona was, when I engaged with him in TV and radio interviews, a funny, quick-witted and provocative interlocutor

Barbara Kay / Aug 7, 2019

Canada’s marijuana laws are all about Trudeau’s hipster legacy

Justin Trudeau was more interested in his hipster legacy than marijuana’s fine scientific details.

Barbara Kay / Aug 2, 2019

Canadian News, Opinion, Politics & Policy

No, the Canadian election day is not an anti-Semitic conspiracy

Nobody should be alleging anti-Jewish conspiracy theories. Canada’s fixed election dates are set by an algorithm.

Barbara Kay / Jul 26, 2019

Opinion, Culture

As absurd as it is, the Jessica Yaniv case has serious implications

This story is important because if human rights tribunals were guided by reason and objectivity, none of Yaniv’s complaints would have passed their smell test.

Barbara Kay / Jul 22, 2019

Culture, #Entertainment

Selina Soule is fighting for justice for women in sports

Title IX passed in 1972. The purpose of the bill was to encourage girls like Selina Soule to participate in sports with equal resources and opportunities as those offered to male athletes, who at the time were considerably advantaged. The words “gender identity” were not included in the bill.

Barbara Kay / Jul 15, 2019


Living well is the best revenge: Israel is thriving despite BDS

No new definition of anti-Semitism is going to stop anti-Semitic cretins from hating Jews and saying so. Let them. It’s worth repeating: Living well is the best revenge.

Barbara Kay / Jul 6, 2019


The PPC's strength is their dedication to free speech

The PPC is fielding candidates in all 338 ridings, an impressive accomplishment given the time constraints.

Barbara Kay / Jun 24, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Ontario family files human rights complaint after six-year-old girl upset by gender theory in school

N is the kind of child, her mother Pamela told me in a telephone interview, that adores school—or did until the particular morning that prompted this column.

Barbara Kay / Jun 17, 2019


The many faces of modern anti-Semitism

My grandchildren have never known a time, as we did, when synagogue doors did not have guards. The town hall may reveal that additional layers of security will be considered necessary.

Barbara Kay / Jun 4, 2019


In a world of sex dolls and robots, ethics are hard to pin down

This isn’t my first visit to the sex doll rodeo. To honour my commitment to bright lines between ironic and serious intent, I hereby give notice that I am now finished having fun with this topic, and am now crossing over to a serious consideration of the issue of sex robots.

Barbara Kay / May 28, 2019


Twitter bans prominent doctor for stating facts

A prominent doctor’s Twitter account was suspended for violating its policy of “hateful conduct.” A day later, it was restored with an apology for the “error.” What did he say that was so offensive?

Barbara Kay / May 19, 2019

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