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Barbara Kay

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Black moms and dads deserve to know the truth—kids do better with two parents

Black communities are not singular in their drift away from two-parent family life; they are only the most deeply affected by a widespread cultural trend.

Barbara Kay / Sep 21, 2020

Opinion, Culture

BC father may face jail for not acknowledging child's gender transition

After all, what does a 13-year old know about how she will feel at 30? Inability to see around life's corners and a tendency to absolutism are primary traits of immaturity.

Barbara Kay / Sep 7, 2020


Drug addicts do not benefit from 'harm reduction,' but from rehabilitation and treatment

Harm reduction is the darling of progressive stakeholders in addiction management. Its most robust defenders tend to be ideologues, whose ultimate goal is the legalization of all drugs.

Barbara Kay / Aug 28, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Betsy Devos restores much-needed due process to American campuses with Title IX reforms

DeVos’s rule stands on firm legal ground because, in her administration’s creation of the new rule, legal procedures set down by the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) were followed, procedures that Biden and his team had sidestepped.

Barbara Kay / Aug 19, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Conservative newspapers must not succumb to cancel culture

Can conservative newspapers withstand the cancel-culture ethos in which many of their millennial and Gen Z ranks were molded?

Barbara Kay / Jul 31, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Why I'm leaving the National Post

In a Canadian media industry that regularly lauds itself for courageous truth-telling, the goal is now to hide one’s true opinion rather than declare it.

Barbara Kay / Jul 24, 2020

Opinion, Culture

REVIEW: The End of Gender by Debra Soh

Debra Soh, sexologist and neuroscientist, dedicates her new book, The End of Gender: Debunking the myths about sex and identity in our society to “everyone who blocked me on Twitter.”

Barbara Kay / Jul 24, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Now the woke army is trying to cancel classical music for 'racism'

Classical music's luminaries—Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Chopin—are, in the parlance, Dead White Males, a term of revulsion amongst the woke.

Barbara Kay / Jul 23, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Why are teenage girls afraid to become women? A new book explains their flight from biological reality

Shrier’s book is an enormously positive contribution to this fierce battle for children’s right to bodily and mental protection from harmful influence.

Barbara Kay / Jul 10, 2020

Opinion, Culture

It turns out cognitive differences are as simple as a game of chess

Progressive ideologues are committed to the dogma that environmental factors—racism, social construction—alone account for differences in racial and gender outcomes.

Barbara Kay / Jun 24, 2020

Opinion, Culture, Lifestyle

Homeschooling emerges as a viable alternative to ideologically driven public education

If the homeschooling trend continues, stakeholders in the public education system won’t be happy for both financial and ideological reasons.

Barbara Kay / Jun 12, 2020


The diversity, inclusion, equity movement (DIE) is now taking over the STEM field

It used to be that students who went into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math—STEM—thought they were safe if they kept their heads down. But they aren’t safe anymore.

Barbara Kay / Jun 2, 2020


Erin O'Toole has what it takes to clobber Trudeau in the next election

Erin O'Toole has what it takes to unify the CPC, and clobber Trudeau in the next election?— which may come sooner than later.

Barbara Kay / May 25, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Terry Mosher's face mask/niqab cartoon misses the mark

Mosher, it should be noted is no fan of Islamic face cover. In 2010, he stirred up controversy with a cartoon that portrayed the niqab as prison bars.

Barbara Kay / May 14, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Forget everything you think you know about single-use plastic

If we really cared about the environment, and knew the actual facts about plastic bags, we would revert to their use on a continuing basis.

Barbara Kay / May 12, 2020

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