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Barbara Kay

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Opinion, Culture

B.C. Supreme Court allows schools to hold mandatory Indigenous smudging ceremonies

If we let this ruling stand, then we are accepting that when it comes to participation in spiritual rituals, some Canadians are more equal than others.

Barbara Kay / Jan 9, 2020


An old Jewish joke about anti-Semitism is new again

Progressives are entitled to their own theories about “intersectionality” and its hierarchy of victimhood, but they are not entitled to their own facts.

Barbara Kay / Jan 2, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Exploring the phenomenon of the social justice Jewish warrior

The desire of progressive Jews to pound the square peg of universalism into the round hole of particularism would be funny if it were not so pathetic.

Barbara Kay / Dec 16, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Ontario mother starts new project to fight radical trans ideology

With allies, an Ontario mother founded an excellent site, for which she is the publisher, the Canadian Gender Report (CGR).

Barbara Kay / Dec 9, 2019

Opinion, Culture

The way they teach Orwell in Canada is Orwellian

Laundering George Orwell’s message to serve as a propaganda tool for ideologues is an abuse of power. And it’s happening in Canada.

Barbara Kay / Nov 29, 2019


Ten years on, and we haven’t learned a thing from “Climategate”

Environmental dogmatists act as though they have been appointed Morals Police. And they do not take kindly to dissent.

Barbara Kay / Nov 21, 2019

Opinion, Culture, Politics & Policy

Anti-Semitism rears its ugly head at McGill University

There is a cancer on our campuses and the McGill Daily is one big reason why it is metastasizing.

Barbara Kay / Nov 14, 2019

Opinion, Culture

HOW DARE YOU: Professor turfed after telling inconvenient climate truth

The shunning of Susan Crockford has all the earmarks of an intellectual scandal and an institutional disgrace.

Barbara Kay / Nov 4, 2019

Opinion, Culture, Politics & Policy

Climate hypocrisy rules the day with jet-setting liberal influencers

Are people responding to actual evidence of climate change, or the constant harangues at them by Chicken Little politicians and cultural influencers?

Barbara Kay / Oct 31, 2019

Opinion, Culture

The world now knows exactly who Jessica Yaniv is

There isn’t a single person in Canada—apart from her mother—who didn’t feel relief when Jessica Yaniv lost her Human Rights Tribunal case.

Barbara Kay / Oct 24, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

As election approaches, don’t forget Trudeau’s neglect of the Yazidi people

I want to remind readers of the Trudeau government’s shameful neglect of the Yazidi people in their hour of greatest need.

Barbara Kay / Oct 18, 2019

Opinion, Culture, Politics & Policy

City of Edmonton shuts down pro-life group’s plans for the second time

Edmonton must treat groups that dissent from popular opinions with the same respect and rights to tax-funded spaces as those with popular opinions.

Barbara Kay / Oct 11, 2019

Opinion, Culture

The deification of Greta Thunberg shows our culture at peak panic

Sixteen-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has been likened to Joan of Arc, and a Church in Sweden calls her a “successor” to Jesus Christ.

Barbara Kay / Oct 4, 2019

Opinion, Culture

One brave young man takes on gender inequality at USC

In 2018 Pekgoz complained to the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights about both USC and Yale. USC picked the wrong guy to tangle with.

Barbara Kay / Sep 20, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Maclean’s burns itself with bizarre article about “mediocre white men”

I never thought of Maclean’s as a satirical magazine, but perhaps they are testing the waters on a rebranding. If so, good job, Scott Gilmore!

Barbara Kay / Sep 11, 2019

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