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Barbara Kay

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Opinion, Culture

New petition demands fairness for women in Olympic sports

A global coalition of organizations has launched a petition demanding the suspension of its transgender participation guidelines that permit males to compete with women.

Barbara Kay / May 4, 2020


The coronavirus crisis reveals the hypocrisy of the ‘diversity’ squad

If the global statistics were reversed—more women dying than men—the CDC would likely be all over it.

Barbara Kay / Apr 21, 2020


Social distancing rules are getting out of hand in the coronavirus era

We’re all doing our best to “social distance.” We get it. But we’d be happier doing it without Big Brother hovering over us.

Barbara Kay / Apr 16, 2020

Opinion, International News

BDS founder wants to boycott everything except Israeli medical help

Too bad it took so long, and a pandemic to make it crystal clear to everyone what a bunch of political losers the BDS gang is.

Barbara Kay / Apr 10, 2020

Canadian News

Canada loses a vital voice in media as CJN shuts down

We hope that somehow a third act is in store for the CJN when Canadian life returns to the new normal, whatever that may look like.

Barbara Kay / Apr 4, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Many of our temporary coronavirus measures will become permanent

The headline was a first in Jewish history: “Senior Orthodox rabbis allow Zoom for Passover seder due to Coronavirus.”

Barbara Kay / Mar 30, 2020

Opinion, Lifestyle, Business & Finance

There's never been a better time to buy a bidet

Toilet paper is the one item everyone is seeking and bent on hoarding. Surely it's time to turn to bidets.

Barbara Kay / Mar 20, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Explosive lawsuit by former white supremacist causes tension in Canada's Jewish community

Elisa Hategan is accusing Elizabeth Moore, a former fellow white supremacist, of “wrongful appropriation of personality” in an explosive new lawsuit.

Barbara Kay / Mar 14, 2020

Culture, Politics & Policy

Quebec moms fight back against Canadian school-enforced Islamic expression

Freedom of religious expression via religious symbolism should never trump the freedom to not wear religious symbols.

Barbara Kay / Mar 3, 2020

Opinion, Culture

This lecture by a ‘gender specialist’ is completely off the rails

This video illustrates just how off-the-rails the obsession with gender dysphoria in children has become amongst certain professionals.

Barbara Kay / Mar 3, 2020

Opinion, Politics & Policy

The re-education of Senator Lynn Beyak

It’s very likely that Senator Lynn Beyak will be suspended again and forced to undergo further re-education concerning her problematic beliefs.

Barbara Kay / Feb 22, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Radical feminist professor indoctrinates students at Ryerson University

Kelly Train is not a teacher. She’s a conduit for feminist doctrine. In spite of her lack of professionalism and lack of accreditation, she earns $185,000.

Barbara Kay / Feb 12, 2020

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Trump puts on a clinic at State of the Union address

President Trump has some great speech writers and he delivered a very effective speech for his State of the Union address.

Barbara Kay / Feb 5, 2020

Opinion, Culture

‘Provocative’ gender dysphoria expert gives vital speech at McGill

Inviting Dr. Zucker to speak in an open forum was an act of courage, as he is Canada’s most controversial researcher/clinician in this domain

Barbara Kay / Jan 27, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Young Canadians are being sold ‘gender-affirming’ top surgery on Instagram

On the clinic’s Instagram page you can see dozens of photos of post-op FTM (female-to-male) clients posing bare-chested and happy.

Barbara Kay / Jan 20, 2020

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