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Beth Baisch

Toronto-based photojournalist nature photographer qualified Animal Health Technologist experienced wildlife carer and volunteer educator. Twitter: PuffinsPictures

News Analysis

BREAKING: Explicit 'Drag Queen Christmas' performed for Florida kids despite DeSantis investigation

Outside the venue, about 30 protesters condemned the event. From behind a row of police officers, far-left activists called them "Nazis" and waved banners saying that "Drag can be family friendly."

Beth Baisch / Dec 29, 2022

International News

Hundreds gather in Toronto in solidarity with China’s White Paper Revolutionaries

Hundreds of Torontonians gathered on Saturday night to stand in solidarity with the White Paper Revolutionaries in China who are pushing back against Xi Jinping's tyrannical zero-Covid policies.

Beth Baisch / Dec 4, 2022

Canadian News

Protestors in Toronto stand in solidarity with China's White Paper Revolutionaries fighting lockdowns, Xi Jinping, CCP

Protestors gathered outside the Chinese consulate in Toronto on Tuesday to stand in solidarity with the people of China as they push back against Xi Jinping's tyrannical "zero COVID" policies.

Beth Baisch / Nov 29, 2022

News Analysis

Trudeau slammed for hypocrisy over World Mental Health Day tweet

The Prime Minister's tweet told Canadians who are struggling with their mental health to "reach out," and claimed his government is "working to make sure people can get the support they need."

Beth Baisch / Oct 10, 2022

American News

Drag queens dance as children hand them money at 'family friendly' drag event in Texas

A pride event in San Marcos, Texas, on Saturday became the latest to feature drag events that had children in attendance.

Beth Baisch / Sep 11, 2022

Canadian News, News

UPDATE: One suspect in Saskatchewan stabbings dead, other still at large

RCMP said they located the body of Damien Sanderson with "visible injuries."

Beth Baisch / Sep 5, 2022

News Analysis, Breaking News

BREAKING: Libs of TikTok locked out of Twitter for violating rules against 'hateful conduct'

It's not the first time Twitter suspended the account for "hateful content."

Beth Baisch / Aug 28, 2022

Canada Day freedom rallies continue despite police pushback

Freedom protestors flocked to Ottawa for Canada Day rallies despite elaborate efforts by police and the City of Ottawa to thwart the patriotic gathering.

Beth Baisch / Jul 2, 2022

News Analysis

Adults expose themselves to children at Toronto Pride Parade

On Sunday, thousands of people lined the streets of downtown Toronto for the city's annual Pride Parade.

Beth Baisch / Jun 27, 2022

Canadian News, News

Human rights activists meet with Conservative MPs to demand Trudeau list Iran's IRGC as terrorist entity in Canada

Human rights activists met with Conservative MPs to describe why they feel the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps needs to be listed as a terrorist entity in Canada.

Beth Baisch / Jun 10, 2022

Canadian News, News

Thousands gather in Toronto for vigil marking 33rd anniversary of Tiananmen Square massacre

During her speech, one of the organizers said "We are standing here to tell the Chinese Communist Party that no amount of suppression and repression will silence us."

Beth Baisch / Jun 5, 2022

Canadian News, News

Quebec restaurant changes poutine to 'cheese sauce fries' to show solidarity with Ukraine

"Tonight the Jucep team decided to temporarily remove the word p**tine from its trademark in order to express, in its own way, its profound dismay at the situation in Ukraine."

Beth Baisch / Feb 26, 2022

Canadian News, News

'Justin Trudeau has got to go': Large crowd gathers in downtown Toronto to protest Covid restrictions

Protestors braved the cold on Saturday and gathered at Toronto's Queen's Park in opposition of the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and mandates.

Beth Baisch / Jan 23, 2022

Canadian News, News

Ontario parents, students demand Doug Ford reopen schools and KEEP them open

"We're extremely upset with the Ford government for not following science, and keeping our schools closed," Ontario Families Coalition founder Bronwen Alsop said.

Beth Baisch / Jan 12, 2022

News, American News

Sesame Street slammed for promoting JK Rowling's Harry Potter series

One person questioned if the 4-year-old Muppet is a "terf," an acronym that stands for "trans-exclusionary radical feminist."

Beth Baisch / Jan 1, 2022

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