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Beth Baisch

Toronto-based photojournalist nature photographer qualified Animal Health Technologist experienced wildlife carer and volunteer educator. Twitter: PuffinsPictures

Canadian News

Protestors shut down Toronto reception with Justin Trudeau, Italian PM Meloni, demanding end to war in Gaza

"Where is the intifada? We are the intifada!"

Beth Baisch / Mar 3, 2024

Canadian News

EXCLUSIVE: CAA terminates driver after he uses company vehicle in anti-Israel protest

One participant holding a giant Palestinian flag ran around with an Israeli flag tied to his ankle, dragging it along the ground and stomping on it.

Beth Baisch / Dec 3, 2023

Anti-Israel protesters in Toronto demand boycott of Israeli coffee shop chain

The event was organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement.

Beth Baisch / Nov 4, 2023

Iranian Jewish demonstration in Toronto disrupted by massive anti-Israel march

The solidarity event came to a rushed conclusion due to a large anti-Israel march.

Beth Baisch / Oct 31, 2023

'Leave our kids alone': Parents in Toronto protest gender indoctrination in schools

"We don't want any ideologies to be imposed on the kids at schools."

Beth Baisch / Sep 21, 2023

Canadian News

EXCLUSIVE: Dildo ring toss, 'pin the clit on the vulva,' and 'family friendly' drag show featured at Ottawa's Pride fest

Activities spotted at the Capital Pride festival were a dildo ring toss and "Pin the Clit on the Vulva."

Beth Baisch / Aug 28, 2023

Canadian News

Bud Light sponsors stage at Pride Toronto featuring drag performers in leather and latex

Pride Toronto's festival weekend includes a stage sponsored by Bud Light.

Beth Baisch / Jun 24, 2023

Canadian News

BREAKING: Children stomp on Pride flags as Christian and Muslim parents protest LGBTQ indoctrination in Ottawa schools

"Leave our kids alone!" the crowd chanted.

Beth Baisch / Jun 9, 2023

Canadian News

'WE ARE HERE': Torontonians gather for Tiananmen Square vigil as crackdowns continue in Hong Kong

"We are here to make sure that the truth and the history will never be forgotten, erased, or rewritten."

Beth Baisch / Jun 5, 2023

Canadian News

Pierre Poilievre blasts passport changes, says heroes erased 'show that Canada is amazing above and beyond its government'

"Instead, our national story in this passport looks now more like Justin Trudeau's personal coloring book"

Beth Baisch / May 17, 2023

BREAKING: Pierre Poilievre calls on Elon Musk to label CBC 'government-funded media'

Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre formally requested that Twitter owner Elon Musk label the CBC as "government-funded media."

Beth Baisch / Apr 11, 2023

National Post's Conrad Black says US, Canada, UK 'have lost the capacity for self government' at Canada Strong and Free Conference

Photo: Beth Baisch. "The world is rubbing its eyes in astonishment at the woke self-mutilation of America and the sophomoric morality play of government in Canada."

Beth Baisch / Mar 25, 2023

Canadian News

Pierre Poilievre slams wokeness, promises to repeal C-11 in keynote speech at Canada Strong and Free Networking Conference

Photo credit: Beth Baisch. "We're more divided than ever, seemingly by design of a Prime Minister who wants to turn citizen against citizen so that he can aggrandize the power of the state."

Beth Baisch / Mar 24, 2023

Trudeau's censorship slammed on opening day of Canada Strong and Free Networking Conference

It's like the government "read Animal Farm and 1984 and used it not as a warning for totalitarianism but as an instruction manual for how to govern."

Beth Baisch / Mar 22, 2023

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