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Beth Baisch

Toronto-based photojournalist nature photographer qualified Animal Health Technologist experienced wildlife carer and volunteer educator. Twitter: PuffinsPictures

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Quebec restaurant changes poutine to 'cheese sauce fries' to show solidarity with Ukraine

"Tonight the Jucep team decided to temporarily remove the word p**tine from its trademark in order to express, in its own way, its profound dismay at the situation in Ukraine."

Beth Baisch / Feb 26, 2022

Canadian News, News

'Justin Trudeau has got to go': Large crowd gathers in downtown Toronto to protest Covid restrictions

Protestors braved the cold on Saturday and gathered at Toronto's Queen's Park in opposition of the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and mandates.

Beth Baisch / Jan 23, 2022

Canadian News, News

Ontario parents, students demand Doug Ford reopen schools and KEEP them open

"We're extremely upset with the Ford government for not following science, and keeping our schools closed," Ontario Families Coalition founder Bronwen Alsop said.

Beth Baisch / Jan 12, 2022

News, American News

Sesame Street slammed for promoting JK Rowling's Harry Potter series

One person questioned if the 4-year-old Muppet is a "terf," an acronym that stands for "trans-exclusionary radical feminist."

Beth Baisch / Jan 1, 2022

News, International News

WATCH: Queen honors Prince Philip during Christmas message

Queen Elizabeth honored her late husband Prince Philip during her annual Christmas message.

Beth Baisch / Dec 27, 2021

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Human rights activists call for full boycott of Beijing Olympics during Toronto protest

The event was a collaboration of several different cultural and human rights organizations, with attendees representing Hong Kong, Tibet, Uyghur, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and mainland Chinese communities, among others.

Beth Baisch / Dec 14, 2021

Canadian News, News

Torontonians condemn Cuba's communist regime, and demand Cuba free political prisoners

Torontonians gathered at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square in condemnation of Cuba’s communist regime, and demanded freedom for political prisoners.

Beth Baisch / Nov 15, 2021

News, American News

V IS FOR VACCINE: CNN and Sesame Street host town hall encouraging kids ages 5 to 11 to get vaccinated

A play-by-play of Sesame Street's town hall event on CNN.

Beth Baisch / Nov 6, 2021

Culture, News Analysis

OH MY: George Takei slammed for petty, jealous insult of William Shatner after historic space flight

George Takei, who is notorious for feuding with his former co-star, was dismissive of William Shatner's historic trip to space.

Beth Baisch / Oct 15, 2021

News, American News

'Beam me up, Bezos': William Shatner to take flight in Blue Origin's New Shepard

Canadian actor William Shatner, famous for his portrayal of Captain Kirk in the Star Trek franchise, will reportedly be taking flight aboard billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin New Shepard rocket next month.

Beth Baisch / Sep 25, 2021

News Analysis

Montreal cat cafe hopes to inspire voters with cat-themed election posters

When asked about the cat-themed posters, owner Clement Marty told The Post Millennial, "The election campaign with the cats was made to put a bit of good humor in this hard time for many."

Beth Baisch / Sep 18, 2021

News, Culture

Thousands of fans unite for MegaCon in Orlando, Florida

Traditionally the largest pop culture convention in the southest, MegaCon Orlando was cancelled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is one of the larger conventions to have occurred since.

Beth Baisch / Aug 23, 2021

Canadian News, News

Cuban-Canadians condemn communism, demand freedom from dictatorships

"Right now there are more than 500 political prisoners in Cuba. Why? Just because they don't have the right to express themselves in the street, so we are here for them."

Beth Baisch / Jul 20, 2021

News, American News

Disney moves 2,000 jobs from California to 'Florida's business-friendly climate'

The Walt Disney Company announced that it will be moving 2,000 jobs from its headquarters in California to a new campus around Lake Nona in Orlando, Florida.

Beth Baisch / Jul 17, 2021

News, American News

Binx the cat reunited with his family after Surfside condo collapse

Amidst the tragedy of the Champlain Towers condo collapse in Surfside, FL, a black cat named Binx was found alive and reunited with his family after 16 days.

Beth Baisch / Jul 10, 2021

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