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Beth Baisch

Toronto-based photojournalist nature photographer qualified Animal Health Technologist experienced wildlife carer and volunteer educator. Twitter: PuffinsPictures

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Torontonians gather to condemn antisemitism

"Make no mistake that anti-Zionism is a manifestation of the world’s oldest hatred that we all know unfortunately all too well: antisemitism."

Beth Baisch / May 31, 2021

Canadian News, News

WATCH: Asian-Canadian MPs SLAM Trudeau after falsely accusing Conservatives of spreading anti-Asian hate

"The Prime Minister's remarks are provocative, divisive, and destructive to this House, and I ask through you Mr. Speaker that the Prime Minister apologize."

Beth Baisch / May 28, 2021

Canadian News, News

O'Toole, Tory and Ford condemn anti-Semitic violence in Toronto, Trudeau condemns violence, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, Toronto Mayor John Tory and Ontario premier Doug Ford have spoken out in condemnation of the violence that occurred a pro-Palestine, anti-Israel event

Beth Baisch / May 16, 2021

Canadian News, News

Anti-Semitic violence breaks out at Toronto anti-Israel demonstration

Pro-Palestine protestors, surrounding the much smaller group of Israel supporters, hurled eggs, water bottles, and at one point brutally assaulted an elderly Jewish man.

Beth Baisch / May 16, 2021

Canadian News, News

Thousands in Toronto march against ongoing lockdowns

Thousands of Torontonians gathered at Queen’s Park for the weekly anti-lockdown march, which today was held in conjunction with cities across Canada as part of a “World Wide Rally for Freedom" from COVID-19 restrictions.

Beth Baisch / May 15, 2021

Canadian News, News

RCMP say stolen lumber was used by beavers to build dam

"Who could really blame these little bucktooth bandits, considering the price of wood these days?" (PHOTO: RCMP HANDOUT)

Beth Baisch / May 14, 2021

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Audubon Zoo cancels event with police fearing it would be 'unintentionally divisive'

The event, which was to be held from May 12-16, was intended "to promote and foster positive interactive experiences" with the NOPD.

Beth Baisch / May 6, 2021

Canadian News, News

Dr. Theresa Tam recommends wearing masks while jogging outdoors

Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, has issued advice on the wearing of masks outdoors.

Beth Baisch / May 3, 2021


PLOT TWIST: Toronto police make no arrests, allow anti-lockdown protest to proceed one day after Doug Ford's restrictive lockdown measures

"I understand you have an opinion that you'd like to express," one officer said to some protestors, adding that "free expression is everything in this country."

Beth Baisch / Apr 17, 2021

Canadian News, News

Protestors defy provincial stay-at-home order in Toronto, arrest made

Toronto Police made one arrest during an anti-lockdown protest.

Beth Baisch / Apr 10, 2021

Canadian News, News

Here's what Doug Ford considers 'non-essential' in Ontario's new, restrictive lockdown

Food, toiletries, and pharmaceutical items are still available for purchase. However, many other items people use on a daily basis are not.

Beth Baisch / Apr 8, 2021

News, American News

US border patrol dog sniffs out fentanyl-stuffed burritos

The fentanyl packages weighed just over five pounds and are estimated to have a street value of nearly $60,000.

Beth Baisch / Mar 31, 2021

News Analysis

Amish community first in US to achieve herd immunity

Herd immunity from COVID-19 appears to have been achieved in an unexpected population: the Amish.

Beth Baisch / Mar 31, 2021

News, American News

Poll: 75 percent of US voters support ID laws

Despite efforts by Democrats to stop the passage of voter ID laws, a new poll shows that up to 75 percent of Americans support their implementation with broad demand across the political spectrum.

Beth Baisch / Mar 18, 2021

Canadian News, News

WATCH: Vulgar hot mic moment caught during Toronto City Council meeting

One irritated member of the Zoom call quipped "You f*cking can’t get your sh*t done."

Beth Baisch / Mar 11, 2021

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