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Chad Felix Greene

Chad Felix Greene is a senior contributor to The Federalist and author of "Surviving Gender: My Journey Through Gender Dysphoria."


Segregated graduation ceremony means only minorities and LGBT students graduate on time

St. Olaf College is planning segregated, virtual graduations where students will be treated differently based on their minority status. This is in the US in 2020.

Chad Felix Greene / Apr 24, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion

Radical activists target Central Park field hospital for connection to Christian charity

Field hospitals are usually prepared for anything, but Central Park's Samaritan’s Purse did not expect Reverend Billy to barge in and plant a rainbow flag.

Chad Felix Greene / Apr 22, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion

Death blamed on hydroxychloroquine despite lack of evidence

NBC News' Heidi Przybyla reports another story of death due to hydroxychloroquine, but as with her previous deadly tale, the facts don't hold up.

Chad Felix Greene / Apr 17, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion

Leftists think religious freedom is non-essential—it isn't

Religious worship is not an optional expression a person can set aside until conditions improve.

Chad Felix Greene / Apr 15, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion

The left’s obsession with Trump blinds them to their own principles

Progressive policies are being employed, but they are not being praised by leftists simply because the man who is implementing them is Donald Trump.

Chad Felix Greene / Apr 8, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion

LGBT outrage over Franklin Graham's NYC field hospital is anti-religious bigotry

In this time of crisis, anti-religious bigotry has no place in public dsicourse and should be shamed as strongly as antisemitism or Islamophobia would be in the same situation.

Chad Felix Greene / Apr 2, 2020


CNN lost the trust of Americans when it refused to air the President live

CNN offered a protest in refusing to air Trump's press conference live, betraying both the public and journalistic integrity.

Chad Felix Greene / Apr 1, 2020


Kathy Griffin was maligned for seeking care during the coronavirus pandemic, so was I

Kathy Griffin was called a fraud for going to the ER with coronavirus symptoms, yet not having the illness. But for high-risk individuals, the decision to seek care at this time is a difficult one.

Chad Felix Greene / Mar 30, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Twitter's new policy on coronavirus 'misinformation' rewards liars, punishes truth tellers

Twitter's attempt to staunch the flow of misinformation surrounding the coronavirus is very nearly laughable. The attempts appear partisan at best, and nefarious at worst.

Chad Felix Greene / Mar 28, 2020


Journalists put public at risk with lie to discredit Trump over coronavirus

What matters to the journalism world is not that the couple poisoned themselves by drinking an anti-parasitic fish medicine, but the opportunity to bash Trump.

Chad Felix Greene / Mar 24, 2020


Blame the Chinese regime for coronavirus, not the Chinese

The coronavirus hysteria is reaching a deeply frightening point, repeated throughout history during these kinds of events, and it must be addressed now.

Chad Felix Greene / Mar 21, 2020


Conservatism in the time of coronavirus

The responsibility of conservatives is to ensure the shift to progressive government we need in this moment does not become the new normal once the crisis has passed.

Chad Felix Greene / Mar 19, 2020


Blood shortage should encourage FDA to lift ban on who can donate

The current blood shortage due to the coronavirus means that the FDA should reconsider bans on blood donors who are gay or bisexual men.

Chad Felix Greene / Mar 18, 2020


What you can do to spread joy not coronavirus

Short on toilet paper? Did you know a sponge on a stick used to be a popular option? And other ways to find and spread joy.

Chad Felix Greene / Mar 15, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Sex work insecurity in the season of coronavirus

The left, focused primarily on reducing stigma of an idea they view as empowering for women, ignores the fact that regardless of the current pandemic, every day a sex worker “clocks in” they risk contracting or spreading a communicable disease that could easily become the next pandemic.

Chad Felix Greene / Mar 13, 2020

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