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Chad Felix Greene

Chad Felix Greene is a senior contributor to The Federalist and author of "Surviving Gender: My Journey Through Gender Dysphoria."

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Biden lied about the 'epidemic' of trans murders: since 2015 only 5 have been hate crimes

This is not an epidemic of violence against transgender and gender-nonconforming people. These are simply standard crimes that involve trans or gender-nonconforming victims.

Chad Felix Greene / Nov 21, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Target bans book after complaints from random accounts on Twitter

Target has removed Abigail Shrier's timely and well-researched book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters after a few complaints from transgender activists on twitter.

Chad Felix Greene / Nov 13, 2020

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Trump supported marriage equality from the White House long before Biden did

Trump holds the official title of being the first president to enter the White House in full support of marriage equality. Yet you wouldn't know that from breathless media accounts.

Chad Felix Greene / Nov 8, 2020

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New study claims that LGBT Republicans are self-hating—they aren't

Being gay or transgender is not a limiting factor in political thinking, except, it seems, for those with a leftwing mindset.

Chad Felix Greene / Nov 1, 2020

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Media portrays crimes against trans woman as ‘transphobic’ despite evidence to the contrary

LGBTQ Nation reported that, police cracked jokes about a transgender hate crime victim as she bled on the floor. But in fact, it wasn't a hate crime, it was just a regular, awful crime.

Chad Felix Greene / Oct 25, 2020

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'Sexual preference' is not an offensive term to the LGBT community

Let's start out with something very clear and painfully obvious, the term "sexual preference" is in no way now, nor has it ever been offensive or a homophobic dog whistle or used to harm LGBT people.

Chad Felix Greene / Oct 14, 2020

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Media fuels feelings of isolation and anger among LGBT youth

Both surveys reflect the power of the media to influence the feelings of those most impressionable to highly emotional and carefully manufactured propaganda.

Chad Felix Greene / Oct 11, 2020

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Exposing the myth of anti-LGBT bias in the Trump administration

LGBT media and advocacy seem perfectly comfortable with flexible ideals of facts and truth as long as it gets their larger argument across.

Chad Felix Greene / Sep 27, 2020

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Amy Coney Barrett attacked by leftists for having adopted children from Haiti

"...if the adoptions were sketchy, reporting it would really screw w the lives of her 2 adopted kids (& maybe the 5 bio kids too)," Houle wrote.

Chad Felix Greene / Sep 26, 2020


Queer men support Trump—whether the left wants to admit it or not

LGBT media and advocacy do not reach out to those of us on the right so they truly have no idea who we are or how many of us there are in the country.

Chad Felix Greene / Sep 18, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Rowling wasn't even writing about trans people and LGBTQ+ activists freaked out

The argument has never been that transwomen are a threat to women and girls, but that heterosexual, cisgender male predators will abuse gender identity-inclusive policies to pursue their goals.

Chad Felix Greene / Sep 15, 2020


The 'bathroom issue' isn't about feelings it's about safety—whether the progressive left admits it or not

The school board did not arbitrarily define "biological sex," the progressive movement has just chosen when to arbitrarily recognize it.

Chad Felix Greene / Sep 1, 2020


Biden said 'yes' to redirection of police funds despite poor editing from Scalise team

The ability of the left to blow these things out of proportion and manufacture incredible amounts of outrage cannot be underestimated.

Chad Felix Greene / Aug 31, 2020

Opinion, Culture

LGBT activists choose Trump Derangement Syndrome over their own best interests

In LGBT activists' narrow crusade to force the notion that gender identity is biologically the same as sex, they heavily restrict what it means to be transgender.

Chad Felix Greene / Aug 21, 2020


Openly gay Chicago mayor denounced by LGBT organization for refusing to defund police

The Human Rights Campaign has been forced to denounce their own praise of Chicago Mayor Lightfoot, who is an openly gay woman of color.

Chad Felix Greene / Aug 19, 2020

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