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Chad Felix Greene

Chad Felix Greene is a senior contributor to The Federalist and author of "Surviving Gender: My Journey Through Gender Dysphoria."


Democrats fear a Kanye presidential run because they believe black voters are easily manipulated

As should be completely unnecessary to say, black Americans are not an intellectual collective a political party can simply manipulate at will.

Chad Felix Greene / Aug 9, 2020

Opinion, Culture

LGBT legal protections are threatened by excessive gender categories

While our culture caters to customization and rewards a sense of being unique and special, as well as different and oppressed, much of this comes down to little more than narcissism.

Chad Felix Greene / Aug 5, 2020

Opinion, Culture

ACLU attorney claims that 'biological sex' is white supremacist—it isn't

Biological sex as a concept, it seems, is racist according to a new theory touted by transgender activist and ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio.

Chad Felix Greene / Aug 3, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Rigged methodology of 'progressive' surveys harms LGBT youth

What is most disturbing about a new survey of LGBT youth is the methodology used in obtaining these statistics, which rely exclusively on online self-reporting.

Chad Felix Greene / Jul 16, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Conservatives must be vocal in opposing racism—but not with the language of the left

While we all oppose racism, the left has successfully framed the discussion to exclusively discuss racism within the white population.

Chad Felix Greene / Jul 10, 2020

Opinion, Culture

JK Rowling is right—turning gay children into straight members of the opposite sex is conversion therapy

Arguing that gender nonconforming behavior in gay people means they are the other sex and require a complete change of their physical body in order to be “cured” is conversion therapy.

Chad Felix Greene / Jul 7, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Conservatives must fight Twitter censorship or risk losing their voice

Twitter is not just a platform to express personal ideas, it is very literally access to the public square and political conversation.

Chad Felix Greene / Jun 28, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Deception and not bias is the basis for most murders of transwomen

An issue the LGBT left absolutely refuses to address is the danger both gay men and trans women face when engaging in deception during sexual encounters with straight men.

Chad Felix Greene / Jun 26, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion, American News, Culture

Media claims of Trump overturning trans protections in healthcare are unfounded

Trump didn't roll back healthcare protections for transgender people, because something that has never been enacted into law can't be reversed.

Chad Felix Greene / Jun 15, 2020


Mainstream media claims LGBT protestors are being targeted—they aren't

Despite LGBT narratives, the word “f-ggot” is not exclusively used in an anti-LGBT context, used similarly to the word “b-tch” outside of a female target.

Chad Felix Greene / Jun 11, 2020

Opinion, American News

The Central Park Ramble incident is a tale of two Karens

How do two people, engaging in their own personal activities, end up becoming a national news story filled with universal condemnation, hatred and outrage?

Chad Felix Greene / May 26, 2020


Joe Biden played identity politics and lost big time

When individuals are grouped together into voting blocs and justice is applied collectively, a moral majority will see themselves as parental authoritarians caring for the minority.

Chad Felix Greene / May 23, 2020

Opinion, Culture

LGBT Nation runs false headline suggesting murder was 'hate crime'

It seems clear that LGBT advocacy is more invested in keeping the community in fear, relying on advocacy groups to keep them safe from absolutely nothing.

Chad Felix Greene / May 14, 2020

Opinion, Culture

The LGBT community is leaving the 'woke left' and it's a beautiful thing

As brave and influential voices like Arielle Scarcella ask tough questions, we must be there to applaud them and keep them lifted high.

Chad Felix Greene / May 12, 2020

Opinion, American News, Culture

LGBT activists claim there is an 'epidemic' of violence against trans women—there isn't

There isn't actually an epidemic of identity based violence against trans persons, yet the Human Rights Campaign continues to peddle this narrative.

Chad Felix Greene / May 9, 2020

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