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Christopher Lindsay

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LINDSAY: Why We Shouldn’t Believe All Women

There is all the difference in the world between believing someone you know and someone you don’t.

Christopher Lindsay / Oct 6, 2018


LINDSAY: Ontario’s Green Energy Disaster

Good intentions by the government do not always produce good results.

Christopher Lindsay / Sep 27, 2018


Fake news and the use of anonymous sources

When a source for a news story can hide behind a wall of anonymity, they can say whatever they want and suffer no consequences if they are lying.

Christopher Lindsay / Sep 15, 2018


Diplomacy 101: Three things Justin Trudeau needs to learn

While public criticism can be an effective tool to change the actions of an elected politician, it won’t work with Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy.

Christopher Lindsay / Aug 18, 2018


LINDSAY: How to End the Canadian Border Crisis

By not allowing illegal immigrants from the United States to make an asylum claim, the number of illegal border crossings will drop significantly.

Christopher Lindsay / Jul 21, 2018


Political correctness - The enemy of free speech

When political correctness seeks ideological conformity, it becomes a form of tyranny.

Christopher Lindsay / Apr 27, 2018


Why proportional representation is bad for democracy

In the fall of 2018, the British Columbia government will hold a referendum on changing the province’s electoral system to a form of proportional representation (PR). If voters consider the consequences, the referendum will fail.

Christopher Lindsay / Apr 21, 2018

Canadian News

Justin Trudeau: The Peter Pan Prime Minister

Similar to Peter, Trudeau is strikingly handsome, lacks basic knowledge, and loves to be the center of attention.

Christopher Lindsay / Mar 21, 2018

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