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Diana Davison

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The culture wars come for the writers

“Where I get nervous is when people get denounced for saying things that make people feel uncomfortable or denounced for not having the right to express something because they are not from the background which should be expressing it.”

Diana Davison / Mar 6, 2019


Rogers Media pleads poverty in defamation suit hearing

Rogers Media argued that they, a major media corporation, were being “silenced” by a man who had been unemployed for two years, still broken, and still grieving the death of his mother

Diana Davison / Feb 25, 2019

Canadian News, News

Canadian universities make their own laws

These university tribunals were not created to make the world safer they were designed as a testing ground to see if “progressive” ideologues could get away with perverting justice. In the US, the law has started to take a stand.

Diana Davison / Feb 20, 2019


Rocking the couch of Hollywood sexism

Human sexuality is a bit too complicated to fit on a single couch.

Diana Davison / Feb 11, 2019

Canadian News, News

Supreme Court of Canada could turn trials into a mockery of justice

If witnesses aren’t allowed to openly answer questions under oath anymore then our courts will have truly become mere show trials

Diana Davison / Feb 4, 2019


Identity politics is destroying Hollywood

An organization called Time’s Up is demanding that film producers take a pledge. It’s called “The 4% Challenge” and the goal is to increase the number of female directors working in the film industry.

Diana Davison / Jan 28, 2019

Canadian News, News

Canada is using online outrage to make dangerous changes to the criminal code

Justin Trudeau and Jody Wilson-Raybould exploited an unpopular acquittal in a murder trial to whip up the outrage required to change the criminal code. And now those changes are being implemented.

Diana Davison / Jan 21, 2019


Ellen Barkin hopes Louis C.K. "gets raped"

Actor and film producer Ellen Barkin tweeted her thoughts on appropriate retribution: she thinks Louis C.K. should be raped

Diana Davison / Jan 2, 2019


Women's magazine pushes debunked repressed memory theory

I wonder who these therapists are really looking out for. Given that they continue to advocate, and even double down, despite no strong evidence for the widespread existence of “recovered memory”

Diana Davison / Dec 31, 2018


New law may jail innocent people

Trudeau style “justice” is coming soon to a court near you

Diana Davison / Dec 22, 2018


Patreon betrays the trust of its users

Patreon created such an atmosphere of distrust that many users have set up accounts with a competing platform.

Diana Davison / Dec 12, 2018


Lena Dunham and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad lie

Is Lena Dunham vicious or misunderstood? Friends and former friends weigh in.

Diana Davison / Dec 10, 2018


DAVISON: Justin Trudeau is teaching our judges junk science

In an age of moral panic, the rule of law must not be lost

Diana Davison / Dec 3, 2018


DAVISON: Patrick Brown’s book exposes #MeToo dishonesty

Former PC leader's book exposes how #MeToo can be a political weapon

Diana Davison / Nov 26, 2018

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