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Diana Davison

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Opinion, Politics & Policy

Trudeau hasn’t “modernized” our justice system, he’s broken it

I look at the Trudeau government like an activist group, where they don’t want to ‘re-victimize victims,’ and the reality is—that presupposes guilt.”

Diana Davison / Sep 23, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Trudeau’s ego comes at too high a price for the Liberals

If anything is now clear, his “privileged” double standard makes Justin Trudeau an unsuitable candidate to remain as Canada’s prime minister.

Diana Davison / Sep 19, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Allegations that led to Alec Holowka’s suicide need proper scrutiny

Tragically, Alec Holowka, a prominent indie video game developer, committed suicide on August 31, 2019, on a few days after being accused on social media of historic physical and emotional abuse.

Diana Davison / Sep 3, 2019

Opinion, Culture

New “Ghomeshi Rules” will turn our courts into a circus

Basically, the new legislation is a form of virtue signalling which asks our judges to engage in inappropriate and dangerous social activism.

Diana Davison / Aug 28, 2019

Opinion, Culture

British transgender rugby star celebrated for injuring women

Morgan stands out at nearly 6’ tall and physically different than her teammates. The BBC recounts a time that she “folded an opponent ‘like a deckchair’”

Diana Davison / Aug 24, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Was Carlos Maza oppressed by getting fired from Vox?

But what if Maza was just bad at his job? Yes, he was good at boycotting and shaming hardworking people, but what if he sucked at journalism?

Diana Davison / Aug 16, 2019

Canadian News, Opinion

The fake Scheer supporter story gets more intriguing

The recent arrest of Talya Davidson as she spat at people and yelled racist slurs has raised many legitimate concerns about potential “fake news.”

Diana Davison / Aug 14, 2019

Opinion, Culture, #Entertainment

Andy Signore moves forward after false allegations

After two years of silence due to ongoing litigation, Andy Signore has spoken out and provided evidence in what he…

Diana Davison / Jul 24, 2019

American News

Family races against time to obtain miracle drug for their infant daughter

As Eliana Cohen reaches her second birthday it could be a tragedy instead of a celebration. Diagnosed with a rare condition, the drug that could correct her illness must be administered before the age of two.

Diana Davison / Jul 14, 2019

Canadian News, #Entertainment

Hedley frontman will proceed to trial for sexual assault allegations after preliminary hearing

The preliminary hearing for Jacob Hoggard concluded today setting his next court date in Toronto for August 23, 2019. The…

Diana Davison / Jul 12, 2019


Marie Henein addresses the rise of illiberal democracy in IdeaCity speech

Henein had three main points of observation: Dialogue has been replaced by a screaming match, illiberal democracy is on the rise, and the urge to protect classes of victimhood has become a priority.

Diana Davison / Jun 19, 2019


The Meghan Murphy situation proves that Twitter is not a free speech zone

Twitter prevailed in another lawsuit from a permanently banned user. Meghan Murphy, an articulate and prominent feminist advocate, lost her account for violating “misgendering” policy which has changed what they deem to be “hate speech.”

Diana Davison / Jun 15, 2019

Canadian News, News

No clean hands in infamous transgender genital waxing case

The question of JY’s motives and whether or not the complaints were filed in “good faith” ended in an award of costs in favour of the salon. JY was ordered to pay $150.

Diana Davison / Jun 4, 2019

Canadian News, News

Sex change surgery scare reveals how fake news spreads

This year “The International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia” stirred up a bit of Fordphobia on Twitter. Allegations that Doug Ford’s Ontario government has “quietly” put a cap on sex reassignment surgery (SRS) received over three thousand upvotes and retweets. It was fake news.

Diana Davison / May 26, 2019


Marie Henein is the legal hero Canada needs

Marie Henein is the real thing despite how people may feel about her clients. Of the many words used to describe Henein, whether from friends or foes, integrity should be at the top of the list.

Diana Davison / May 20, 2019

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