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Erin Perse

Canadian News, News

Young woman surprised to match with Jessica Yaniv on lesbians-only dating app

In Vancouver, a 23-year-old woman downloaded lesbian dating app HER in the hope of meeting someone for love and companionship. Instead, she matched with Jessica Yaniv.

Erin Perse / May 27, 2020

Canadian News, Opinion

Why is CBC painting a sympathetic picture of an alleged child murderer?

The CBC's coverage of an alleged child killer asks reader to sympathize with the murderer, not the little girl. The man deserves a fair trial, but not sympathy.

Erin Perse / May 26, 2020

Canadian News, Opinion

Calgary criminalizes conversion therapy for trans-affirming youth

A Calgary city council committee criminalized conversation therapy, including therapy to encourage kids to accept their biological sex.

Erin Perse / May 19, 2020

Canadian News, Opinion

Trudeau government pulls funding for human trafficking victims

Nine agencies across Canada that provide services for trafficked and exploited women and girls have been told there is no more money to support their programs.

Erin Perse / May 14, 2020

Opinion, Culture

X Æ A-12 will be a gender neutral baby

While well-intentioned, there are limits to the usefulness of gender neutral approaches to parenting, and it arguably invites risks to children's development and wellbeing.

Erin Perse / May 12, 2020

Opinion, International News

Women forced by courts to refer to rapists’ preferred pronouns

Female victims in court proceedings are now bound to refer to males who physically and sexually attack them as "she" if that is their preferred pronoun.

Erin Perse / May 11, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion, American News

NY Governor Cuomo uses pandemic funding bill to push through commercial surrogacy

Governor Andrew Cuomo has been pushing for commercial surrogacy to become law for some time, and he's now done it by tying it to pandemic funding measures.

Erin Perse / Apr 21, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion

Malaysia asks women to shoulder burden of coronavirus

Malaysia instructed its women to keep the peace by refraining from "nagging," using a cutesy voice, wearing make-up and dressing up while stuck at home.

Erin Perse / Apr 7, 2020


Domestic violence increases with accelerating coronavirus curve

Canada should take note from domestic violence increases in countries that are ahead of the coronavirus curve, and act now to ensure women and children are protected.

Erin Perse / Apr 3, 2020


A staycation of coronaviral proportions

My children and I may be stuck in semi-permanent staycation mode, while their father holds down his job from a messy kitchen office, taking conference calls in the master bedroom.

Erin Perse / Mar 28, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Olympic postponement delays reckoning over women's sports

The postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics due to coronavirus prolongs the question of whether male athletes who self-ID as women will compete in women’s sports.

Erin Perse / Mar 27, 2020


Reality has begun to bite in London

Despite our good humour about the new normal rituals of bumping elbows and washing hands, we are now aware that beneath the Blitz spirit all is not hunky dory.

Erin Perse / Mar 16, 2020

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