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Erin Perse

Opinion, News Analysis, #noads

Trans woman 'honoured' to speak at memorial for women massacred by man 'fighting feminism'

The Committee has abandoned a fact-based understanding of male violence against women, preferring the obfuscatory term "victims of violence," and adopting the transgender rainbow flag to signal their allegiance to sex denialism.

Erin Perse / Dec 9, 2021


Canada moves to criminalize gender critical feminism over transphobia 'hate speech' claims

Women's rights activism may soon be construed as hate speech under the Canadian Criminal Code, unless Canadian citizens organize to oppose the totalitarian laws.

Erin Perse / Nov 26, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Margaret Atwood tries to defend 'women' and is pilloried by trans activists

Canada's grand dame of letters, Margaret Atwood, was subjected to a torrent of online sexualized abuse and doxxing of her home address by enraged trans activists after sharing an article critical of them.

Erin Perse / Nov 8, 2021

Opinion, Culture

Union backs activist students to 'bully' feminist professor Kathleen Stock and 'effectively end' her career

"The tunnel was bustling with students and staff. When I saw my name, I stopped dead. It was like a terrible stress dream," Stock said. Masked figures let off smoke bombs beside a sign reading "Stock Out."

Erin Perse / Oct 13, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Ruling in Keira Bell case means UK gender clinicians will have to think again before prescribing puberty blockers

If a clinician makes the wrong call and prescribes puberty blockers to a child who later desists in their cross-sex identification, and regrets the procedures, they will be at risk of legal action.

Erin Perse / Oct 3, 2021

News Analysis

Mother sues couple for custody of her child as real life 'Handmaid's Tale' plays out in BC

The mother, identified by her initials in the court's ruling, seeks a declaration confirming that she is the girl's mother, despite the parental claims asserted by the couple under a surrogacy contract.

Erin Perse / Jul 7, 2021

News, International News

Spain moves ahead with gender self-ID after violence at trans rights protests

This significant event took place five days after violent trans activists assaulted and intimidated women's rights campaigners to stop them speaking publicly against the removal of sex from law.

Erin Perse / Jul 2, 2021

Culture, News Analysis

London Pride parade takes aim at 'terfs' and JK Rowling

At the Trans Pride protest in London last weekend, a placard was placed on a war memorial in central London calling for the killing of JK Rowling.

Erin Perse / Jun 29, 2021

Discourse, #C10, #badge-discourse

Woman charged with hate crime after 'transphobic' tweets

The police allege that the three tweets posted by Millar over the course of a year were "homophobic" and "transphobic" in a manner justifying criminal proceedings.

Erin Perse / Jun 27, 2021

News, International News

BREAKING: Woman wins case after being terminated for stating gender critical beliefs

Maya Forstater, the tax expert who lost her job at a US think tank in the UK for tweeting that biological sex is real and that sex matters, has won her appeal.

Erin Perse / Jun 10, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Father sentenced to 6 months for violating gag order about child's medical gender transition

In 2021, Canada really is sterilizing lesbian, gay, autistic and depressed children, and calling that "human rights." The false consensus enforced by the courts cannot hold.

Erin Perse / Apr 18, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Father who was jailed for violating gag order about child's medical gender transition to plead guilty

He will admit to willfully breaching certain orders of the Supreme Court restricting his speech and accept a sentence of 18 months probation.

Erin Perse / Apr 12, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Protests mount to get biological males out of Canada's women's prisons

Canadian women's groups mounted a protest at Kitchener's Grand Valley Institution for Women for the removal of male inmates from women's prisons.

Erin Perse / Apr 3, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Gender critical feminists warned Reddit about alleged predator Aimee Challenor but they were banned from the site

The silencing of feminists has served to create an entirely false impression that society, as a whole, is onboard with the new sex denialist creed of trans ideology.

Erin Perse / Mar 28, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

McGill doctor backs plan to implant uteruses in trans women patients

"There isn’t an ethical reason why they should be denied access to the procedure," he says of his desire to implant wombs into the male bodies of those who identify as transgender.

Erin Perse / Mar 23, 2021

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