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John Faithful Hamer

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The consequences of the online mob game

Would the world be a much better place if you stopped participating in these online mobs, and treated those with whom you disagree with more respect? Absolutely.

John Faithful Hamer / Apr 8, 2019

Politics & Policy

A tribute to a father figure

Thanks for being a man in my life when I needed one.

John Faithful Hamer / Mar 28, 2019

News, American News

The Mueller investigation revealed that angry people are easy to manipulate

Angry people are incredibly easy to manipulate. Same is true of the self-righteous. The more “political” you become, the more you become a mere pawn in someone else’s chess game.

John Faithful Hamer / Mar 27, 2019

American News, Culture

The college cheating scandal explained

The academic world is in the grips of yet another scandal. This time it’s come in the form of an admissions scandal of truly epic proportions.

John Faithful Hamer / Mar 14, 2019

Opinion, Culture

How to deal with a progressive bully

Look at those in Social Media Land who most loudly proclaim the Gospel of Liberation, and look carefully, because tomorrow’s tyrants will be chosen from among their ranks.

John Faithful Hamer / Mar 12, 2019

Canadian News, News

A report on the Quillette Social in Toronto

So many refugees end up in The Quillette Circle: people who thought they were going to be fine until the mob turned on them.

John Faithful Hamer / Jan 16, 2019


The Stephen Harper we find in Right Here, Right Now could beat Justin Trudeau

A review of Stephen J. Harper's Right Here, Right Now: Politics and Leadership In the Age of Disruption (2018)

John Faithful Hamer / Dec 21, 2018


Why Titania McGrath is funny

Titania McGrath must be swimming in the progressivism she mocks because you can’t mock that well from a distance.

John Faithful Hamer / Dec 15, 2018

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