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Jonah Hoffman

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Iranian plot to assassinate US general in Berlin foiled by Israel’s Mossad

The Mossad had been operating in Iran at the time when they captured and interrogated Mansour Rasouli, who admitted during an interrogation that he had been ordered to assassinate a US general in Berlin, a journalist in France, and a worker at the Israeli consulate in Istanbul.

Jonah Hoffman / May 4, 2022

American News, News Analysis

US State Department offering million dollar grant to report on alleged human rights violations by Israel

Pro-Israel organizations are concerned that this grant will be abused by an organization like BDS to unjustly target Israel over false accusations of human rights violations.

Jonah Hoffman / Mar 28, 2022

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Jerusalem Post website hacked by Pro-Iranian hackers on anniversary of Soleimani assassination

“We are close to you where you do not think about it.”

Jonah Hoffman / Jan 7, 2022

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Legal action threatened by Israeli mall owners over potential COVID restrictions

"Bottom line, the proposed outline will keep customers away from the malls and cause fatal damage to mall owners and business owners without any benefit in terms of fighting the spread of the coronavirus and rising morbidity."

Jonah Hoffman / Dec 31, 2021

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Rabbis call for colleges to suspend diversity programs that promote anti-Semitism

"With regards to Jews, diversity heads seem to share much in common with grand wizards of the Ku Klux Klan, and it is clear that the entire field needs to be reevaluated before more Jewish students are placed at unnecessary risk."

Jonah Hoffman / Dec 27, 2021

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Israeli walking home from synagogue injured in Palestinian terrorist stabbing attack

The terrorist, 25-year-old Mohammed Shawkat Salima, stabbed a 20-year-old Ultra-Orthodox Jew with a small knife before being taken down by Israeli Border Police Officers nearby.

Jonah Hoffman / Dec 9, 2021

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Rabbi shoots terrorist during stabbing attack

The attacker, a 16-year-old Arab from East Jerusalem, stabbed a 20-year-old male and a 20-year-old female police officer from behind.

Jonah Hoffman / Nov 18, 2021

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NYC school bans pro-Israel and Back The Blue shirts but allows BLM shirts

"Singh told me that my T-shirt with an Israeli flag on it and the words 'Proud Zionist' were '...politically explosive. He told me that Zionism involves the retaking of Palestinian land and is 'offensive.'"

Jonah Hoffman / Nov 17, 2021

News, International News

Over 200 celebrities defend Israeli LGBTQ+ film festival against boycott

"We stand united with all the participating filmmakers against the divisive rhetoric espoused by boycott activists who seek to misinform, bully and intimidate artists into removing their films from the festival or shame them for participating in the festival."

Jonah Hoffman / Nov 15, 2021

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Torah vandalized in alleged antisemitic attack at George Washington University

"Our entire chapter is outraged and saddened by this blatant act of antisemitism and violence against our brothers."

Jonah Hoffman / Nov 5, 2021

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San Francisco University State professor: Jewish pot is turning black men gay

"It is Jewish genius that has helped… to weaponize the weed so that it may effeminize the black male of America," Wesley Muhammad, a professor at San Francisco State University, said.

Jonah Hoffman / Nov 1, 2021

News, International News

Author Sally Rooney won’t allow her latest book to be published by an Israeli press

Rooney’s characters tend to be left-leaning. In her book Normal People, the main characters attend an anti-Israel rally during the conflict in Gaza in 2014.

Jonah Hoffman / Oct 18, 2021

News, American News

School administrator instructs teachers to balance lessons with 'opposing' views of the Holocaust

"I am offended as hell by somebody who says I should have an opposing view to the Holocaust in my library."

Jonah Hoffman / Oct 15, 2021

News, International News

Anti-Israel video game lets users play as a 'Palestinian freedom fighter' who kills Israeli soldiers

Knights of Al-Aqsa Mosque is a videogame that has players “liberate Palestine” and kill Israeli soldiers.

Jonah Hoffman / Oct 14, 2021

American News, News Analysis

Google and Amazon slammed for sponsoring tech event featuring antisemitic radical Linda Sarsour

Sarsour gained notariaty in 2017 as co-chair of the Women’s March and was ousted from the group in 2019 after her past antisemitic comments became a detriment to the organization.

Jonah Hoffman / Oct 12, 2021

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