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Libby Emmons and Hannah Nightingale

American News

Journalist Michael Patrick Leahy vows to fight for free speech after threat from judge for reporting on Nashville trans shooter manifesto

"I think we have served the public well, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to continue to exercise our First Amendment rights."

Libby Emmons and Hannah Nightingale / Jun 17, 2024

American News

BREAKING: Crowd boos as Pro-Palestinian protestors attempt to shut down Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC

The crowd was heard booing as protestors poured blood on each other, chanting "liberation for Palestine and planet."

Libby Emmons and Hannah Nightingale / Nov 23, 2023

American News

EXCLUSIVE: Virginian Republican poll greeter speaks out after being accosted by unhinged progressive and accused of ‘trying to overthrow elections with violence’

" You f*cking try to overthrow elections with violence and then you’re out here among decent people, what do you have to say for that?"

Libby Emmons and Hannah Nightingale / Nov 7, 2023

American News

BREAKING: Texas AG Ken Paxton acquitted on all impeachment charges

Paxton received 16 nay votes and 14 in favor for most of the articles.

Libby Emmons and Hannah Nightingale / Sep 16, 2023

American News

California man arrested for not masking on last day of Gavin Newsom's Covid emergency measures

Jordan Henry was arrested on February 28 , the last day of Governor Gavin Newsom's emergency Covid powers, for not wearing a mask in a Kaiser Permanente location for his eye appointment.

Libby Emmons and Hannah Nightingale / Mar 3, 2023

American News

BREAKING: Supreme Court hears arguments in North Carolina redistricting case

Specifically at issue in Moore v Harper is whether or not the Republican-controlled legislature in North Carolina in 2021 had the authority to redraw electoral maps that would have restructured districts to lean more heavily Republican.

Libby Emmons and Hannah Nightingale / Dec 7, 2022

American News

BREAKING: Donald Trump announces 2024 presidential run

"In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for President of the United States," Trump announced.

Libby Emmons and Hannah Nightingale / Nov 15, 2022

American News

BREAKING: Antifa turn violent outside NYC women's rights event, 7 people arrested

Antifa members were seen in attendance at the protest dressed in black bloc, pushing barricades that were set up around city hall.

Libby Emmons and Hannah Nightingale / Nov 14, 2022

American News

Florida Board of Medicine votes to ban sex changes for minors after testimony from detransitioners

"And yet at 16, after years of medically transitioning, I came to realize I severely regretted my transition," said Chloe Cole.

Libby Emmons and Hannah Nightingale / Oct 29, 2022

American News

Google pulls map of gender clinics across US after it was called 'extremist' by trans activist parents

"The important thing to remember is to NEVER talk about the number of gender clinics for children, instead talk about hoax phone calls and bogus threats. Deflect, lie and invent and when the facts just don't quite add up, you can always lie," Alix Aharon said sarcastically.

Libby Emmons and Hannah Nightingale / Oct 18, 2022

News, American News

Bomb threat at Boston's Children Hospital ruled false: police report

"No suspicious items were observed /located," an incident report from the Boston Police Department specifies.

Libby Emmons and Hannah Nightingale / Aug 31, 2022

News, American News

BREAKING: Listen to the 911 calls SWATTING MTG

"They basically came out to their family about being transgender, and ended up shooting his family at the home," said the dispatcher on the Thursday morning call.

Libby Emmons and Hannah Nightingale / Aug 25, 2022

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