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Paula Wright

Paula is an actress writer and comedienne currently studying an MSc in London.

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Feminism is a political ideology that is about power not women's liberation

When women in STEM are thrown under the bus because their findings don't align with feminist ideology, it becomes clear that feminism is an ideology steeped in gaining power, not supporting women.

Paula Wright / Jan 3, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Leftists who can't fathom minority Trump voters are the real racists

White liberals and leftists who find themselves derogating the demographic they have hash tagged to death are the racists who via critical theory, have given themselves permission to express it.

Paula Wright / Nov 18, 2020

Discourse, #badge-discourse

The saviours of critical thinking turn back on their ideals because they fear Trump's impact

Where does it leave us when intellectuals such as Pinker and Haidt the very people who taught us critical thinking, forsake it themselves?

Paula Wright / Nov 1, 2020

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Feminists hate women almost as much as they hate Trump

Women are not a special class of saintly human. They are just as corruptible by power, ego and vanity as men.

Paula Wright / Oct 18, 2020

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Feminism is not an inclusive human rights movement but a partisan exercise in exclusion

At the moment, men's rights activists are using the feminist playbook, weaponizing suffering as means to a political end, and doing very little to ameliorate suffering.

Paula Wright / Oct 11, 2020

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