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Peter Copeland

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Democracy—a problem of ideals not of reality

Scanning the Canadian news headlines these days, one finds language indicative of dissatisfaction with democracy and terms that represent modifications.

Peter Copeland / Jun 25, 2019

Canadian News

Canada needs investment and innovation, not taxation and regulation

The focus on investment and innovation in lieu of ineffective punitive approaches is sensible.

Peter Copeland / Jun 20, 2019


Canadians must resist the liberal desire to censor and remove speech

The trend has been one in which many see the Conservatives backing down in the face of pressure from the public and opposition parties, in particular the Liberals and the NDP.

Peter Copeland / Jun 18, 2019


Conrad Black highlights Canada’s underappreciated achievements

Canada is underestimated by many of its own citizens and by countries around the world. This perception motivates Conrad Black’s latest book, The Canadian Manifesto.

Peter Copeland / Jun 2, 2019

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