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Nico Johnson and Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

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Canadian News

EXCLUSIVE: Islamic speaker who defended pedophilia and slammed Christians invited to speak at York University

A homophobic Islamic speaker who has defended pedophilia and called Christians criminals will speak at the York University Muslim Student association.

Nico Johnson and Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Mar 3, 2020


EXCLUSIVE: Antifa activist granted pass to CPAC, may be responsible for having Gavin McInnes removed

An antifa activist was given a press pass at the CPAC in Washington D.C., and is suspected of having a hand in kicking out Gavin McInnes.

Nico Johnson and Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Feb 28, 2020

Opinion, Politics & Policy

BLOC RISING: The BQ may have a big election day

With the BQ surging, we have to be prepared that separatism is much more alive than we think.

Nico Johnson and Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Oct 20, 2019

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