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Sara Higdon

News Analysis

Woke PA school SHUTS DOWN lecture about detransitioners

"The detransition community is growing and we need to listen to them, they have a lot to tell us."

Sara Higdon / Nov 17, 2022

News Analysis

New Zealand recognizes puberty blockers can be harmful, irreversible

This makes New Zealand the latest country to admit that puberty blockers are in fact not "fully reversible" and could in fact be harmful for extended use, which is how they are prescribed for the treatment of gender dysphoria.

Sara Higdon / Oct 5, 2022

American News

BREAKING: Paypal, Venmo permanently suspend Gays Against Groomers

"We have just been BANNED from Venmo and Paypal. (within minutes of each other) for 'violating' their user agreements."

Sara Higdon / Sep 20, 2022

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