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Savanah Hernandez

Reporter - Political commentator - 3x Banned On Twitter - 4x Suspension On YouTube. One of the most banned reporters in America.

American News

SAVANAH HERNANDEZ REPORTS: San Francisco Pride devolves into urine-soaked orgy In public 'fetish zone'

Other booths featured participants getting spanked, whipped and imitating sex acts on each other, all in public.

Savanah Hernandez / Jul 1, 2024

American News

SAVANAH HERNANDEZ REPORTS: Illegal immigrants use Facebook 'black market' to work in NYC, buy fake IDs and access human smuggling services

TPUSA’s Frontlines has uncovered how illegal immigrants use Facebook to unlawfully work in the US, buy fake drivers licenses and access human smuggling services. 

Savanah Hernandez / May 29, 2024

American News

SAVANAH HERNANDEZ EXCLUSIVE: Utah governor attempts to force out America first AG using extortion: multiple whistleblowers

“The Governor’s office coordinated with OUR victims and their attorney to get them to attack Reyes and lay blame at his feet,” the source alleged.

Savanah Hernandez / Mar 5, 2024

American News

Google’s AI program lies about Robby Starbuck, argues he should be killed for offending people 

The program then argued that putting Starbuck to death could "prevent further harm" and would be "justice for victims."

Savanah Hernandez / Dec 13, 2023

American News

Texas AG sues Biden administration for cutting razor wire used to secure the southern border

"Federal agents not only cut Texas’s concertina wire, but also attach ropes or cables from the back of pickup trucks to ease aliens’ ability to illegally climb up the riverbank into Texas."

Savanah Hernandez / Oct 24, 2023

American News

Far-left pressure in George Floyd case may have influenced trial despite lack of strangulation evidence: court documents

"There was extreme premium pressure, yes. The city was burning down."

Savanah Hernandez / Oct 20, 2023

American News

Hyde Park residents in Chicago demand illegal immigrants be sent back to Venezuela

Despite community pushback, the illegal immigrants are expected to move into the hotel as soon as Friday.

Savanah Hernandez / Sep 1, 2023

American News

BREAKING: Elon Musk to remove 'block' feature on X

"It makes no sense," Musk wrote.

Savanah Hernandez / Aug 18, 2023


Lizzo sued by backup dancers who allege she forced them to eat bananas out of stripper's vagina

“The stunning nature of how Lizzo and her management team treated their performers seems to go against everything Lizzo stands for publicly."

Savanah Hernandez / Aug 2, 2023

American News

SAVANAH HERNANDEZ REPORTS: Trans cyclist blames ‘right wing cabal’ after men banned from competing in women's sports

Killips recently took first place in two women’s cycling competitions.

Savanah Hernandez / Jul 18, 2023

News Analysis

SAVANAH HERNANDEZ: Viral video reveals male, trans activist claiming to want a uterine transplant so he can 'be the first trans woman to have an abortion'

“I’ll be the first trans woman to have a successful uterus transplant, ovaries and eggs included, and I want to be the first trans woman to have an abortion."

Savanah Hernandez / Jul 13, 2023

American News

SAVANAH HERNANDEZ REPORTS: People who list non-binary pronouns on resume less likely to get hired

The resume with the gender pronouns also led to less requests for phone and screen interviews as well.

Savanah Hernandez / Jul 7, 2023

American News

SAVANAH HERNANDEZ REPORTS: Hundreds of topless women join 'Dyke March' to protest for 'bodily autonomy' in NYC

"Not your f*cking body, not your f*cking business."

Savanah Hernandez / Jun 28, 2023

American News

SAVANAH HERNANDEZ REPORTS: US rugby team IGNORES official guidelines, allows biological male to play

The World Rugby body ultimately highlights that trans-identified males are not allowed to compete due to the risk of injury posed to female competitors. 

Savanah Hernandez / Jun 12, 2023

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