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Sumantra Maitra

Sumantra Maitra is a doctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham. A sr. contributor to The Federalist he writes for Quillette Providence Magazine Spectator US The Telegraph and others.

Discourse, #badge-discourse

The emerging class-consciousness of the 'Barstool Conservatives'

The "Barstool Conservatives" are simultaneously vilified and voiceless. That might soon change, as a new class consciousness emerges.

Sumantra Maitra / Feb 7, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

EU tries to punish UK for its own COVID vaccine failures

Britain and US diversified the search for a vaccine, while the EU slept on the wheels. A nimble nation-state can diversify picking on vaccines, while the bureaucratic behemoth took time to deliberate.

Sumantra Maitra / Feb 3, 2021

Opinion, Culture

The next step in the culture war is the assault on the traditional family

The idea is that having family, growing up with two parents, is privileged, and that this creates inequity. Any inequity must be crushed.

Sumantra Maitra / Jul 28, 2020

Opinion, Culture

The top-down revolution of the woke ruling class

The realignment of working-class politics have shifted to a technocratic urban bourgeoisie, and the conservatives are now the working-class party.

Sumantra Maitra / Jul 24, 2020

Opinion, Culture

The conservative reform of academia is underway as coronavirus necessitates cuts

A conservative-led reform of higher-education is long overdue. One of the biggest flaws of modern conservative movements was letting universities turn into hubs of radicalism.

Sumantra Maitra / Jul 22, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Ricky Gervais is the heretic we need right now

Gervais, from modest middle-class background, is now a millionaire. He is expected to adopt the beliefs of his current class, not hold to his previous ones. He won't.

Sumantra Maitra / Jun 27, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion, Culture

A 'colour revolution' is coming for the US with aims to topple the world's only superpower

What is happening to the dismayed and hapless liberals across America are the fruits of their own trees they planted.

Sumantra Maitra / Jun 12, 2020


The coronavirus crisis is a story of wasted resources

From public health priorities, to foreign aid, to academic bailouts, the amount of tax-funded cash wasted in the last few months amount to billions.

Sumantra Maitra / May 23, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion

Universities need budget cuts not bailouts

Universities were not supposed to be gigantic businesses, with trendy fads, corporate speak and bloated bureaucracy. Instead of bailouts, it's time to cut the fat.

Sumantra Maitra / Apr 18, 2020

Opinion, Culture

Heroism is missing from superhero movies

My disastrous experiment to be “inspired” during a quarantine I gave in to temptation, and watched a couple of latest superhero flicks. It was a mistake.

Sumantra Maitra / Apr 12, 2020


Coronavirus opens hard questions about state authority and conservative values

Conservatism is at a crossroads as to the essential nature of individual liberties versus the need for state overreach during this existential pandemic.

Sumantra Maitra / Apr 6, 2020


China's government is culpable and western elites need to realize that

The Chinese government monopolized the market for medical resources, incompetence and negligence started a deathly global pandemic. Now China is profiting from those deaths.

Sumantra Maitra / Mar 19, 2020

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