Opinion Jun 12, 2020 1:30 PM EST

A 'colour revolution' is coming for the US with aims to topple the world's only superpower

What is happening to the dismayed and hapless liberals across America are the fruits of their own trees they planted.

A 'colour revolution' is coming for the US with aims to topple the world's only superpower
Sumantra Maitra Nottingham, UK
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At the time of writing this article, there has been a horrific violence across Europe, an ongoing cultural revolution that has left its cultural confines and is veering towards an actual revolution in the US, statues of Columbus have been toppled in Richmond, beheaded in Boston, and downtown Seattle looks like Cairo 2011.

Everything happening now, from the funded and organized protests, to amplification of politicized “expertise”, to The New York Times show of force, shows a pattern, and is a preparation for the scenario of a Republican win in the coming election.

In the world’s lone superpower, police forces are seen to be slinking away as “revolutionaries” who would likely consider themselves globalists somehow now find borders to be very important. In both Seattle and Portland, the first step activists took in creating their own "zones" was to cordon them off.

Naturally, in that light, the only charitable way to interpret the latest article in The Atlantic claiming that "the Trump regime is beginning to topple" is that the author and editors are laying the groundwork for a Colour Revolution in DC.

“This is essentially what transpired in Ukraine in 2014. When the country’s president backed away from plans to join the European Union, a crowd amassed in Kyiv’s central square, the Maidan.”

The rest, as they say, is history. In Ukraine, a mob gathered in the middle of Kiev, protesting against a leader who is one hundred percent an authoritarian, but nevertheless a democratically elected president. The guy, Soviet-trained that he is, asked his police to fire on the protesters, after massive rioting and arson, which then, in turn, resulted in a swelling of the protest.

Backed by global liberals, funded by the usual suspects, aided by the usual NGOs and media houses, the protestors toppled a regime. The scenario that played out was the same one that happened a year or two earlier in Egypt and Tunisia during the Arab Spring.

All of these protests have the same playbook. And the tactics are coming to America.

My favourite part of observing an insurgency in real-time is when the moderates realize that their power has been lost and they find that they will be the first in line for a coming brutal subjugation. This stage is the is the third part of an insurgency, when the more radical forces purge their hapless moderate comrades.

The Jacobins did that to the dismayed Girondins, the Mensheviks were butchered by the Bolsheviks. The Red Guards in China had their teachers, those who taught them Maoism at universities, and wore bricks on their necks for being ideologically moderate and impure before they were lynched in public.

There is a typical pattern to ideological revolutions. Someone is always more ideological and brutal than you until the most brutal person sits on the top and runs a regime of tyranny.

What is happening to the dismayed and hapless liberals across America are the fruits of their own trees they planted.

With thousands of uncontrollable protests hijacked by some of the darkest forces in human history,  violence and rioting as the seeds of radicalism sown in college campuses came home. What has happened in the New York Times as a result of the publication of an op-ed of a sitting Senator is even worse.

For years, liberals argued that what happens in campuses stays in campuses, and hired the woke revolutionaries, and gave in to their every demand, as a show of “solidarity.”

Now, they are demanding to be commissars in the largest newspaper in the United States, where they would censor or publish articles and even opinions based on ideological conformity. Liberals repeatedly argued that there needs to be battle in the marketplace of ideas while forgetting the ultimate arbiter of politics, the balance of power. Now they realize, the balance of power in the streets, the campuses, and the media have overwhelmingly changed with the radicals firmly in majority.

And as with all revolutionary movements, the ones in the majority are now mounting an attempt to proceed with the third stage of the revolution, a subjugation of ideological opponents. Not even those who are backing these revolutionaries are safe from their inquest.

Once this is over, and all the institutions have been purged of ideological minorities, the final stage of a full-frontal revolution will start.

In his paper, “Ukraine's Orange Revolution, NGOs and the Role of the West”, published in Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Andrew Wilson wrote about how the Colour Revolution proceeded and was organized.

“International Renaissance Foundation, for example, spent US$1.65 million between Autumn 2003 and December 2004, supporting the ‘New Choice 2004’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ coalitions of NGOs”, Wilson wrote.

The war on populism, that was funded abroad, inevitably is coming home, as almost all right-wingers will now be called populists opposed to liberalism.

So, what now? Consider a similar scenario of a likely win for Republicans in the coming election: the electoral college is a win for the incumbent President, and people started to join en masse, funded, aided, organized by campus radicals, breathlessly supported and covered by a sympathetic media. This would result in a whole regime change set-up that we have seen so many times abroad, only this time the war will be in the US.

These radicals dig up parks, and camps would demand the resignation of the democratically elected President, claiming everything from de-legitimacy, to foreign interference.

Every law and order enforcement being portrayed in media as a sign of fascism comes with more cries about defunding and disbanding entire police forces.

The entire mainstream liberal media is currently participating in a level of wartime propaganda. The liberal fellow-travellers across Europe and Canada are writing furiously, denouncing an American crackdown on lawlessness.

How long will it be before Trump is denounced in the same horrific terms as Hosni Mubarak, Putin, or Assad?

For decades now, conservatives have won elections but were reticent to use that political power, while liberals captured the institutions from within academia, culture, and media, purging them of conservatives. They then handed these legacy cultural institutions over to even worse radicals, with no reticence whatsoever, feeling instead that these new radicals were deserving of the infrastructure that had been built.

The liberals now are either too daft to understand that they have lost the battle in the marketplace of ideas. They are too ignorant of history to realize that the only way to balance radicalism is legislation. Or perhaps they are just inherently optimistic and naïve about the final aim of these radicals. Either way, they are going down, and taking everyone, including the world's only super power, down with them.

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