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Toni Airaksinen

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Opinion, American News

Georgetown Prof who called for “miserable deaths” of white men off the hook

The U.S. government has declined to investigate the feminist professor who slandered Brett Kavanaugh and called for the castration and death of white men.

Toni Airaksinen / Dec 2, 2019


EXCLUSIVE: Autistic college student clears name after frivolous allegations

Marcus Knight—a student with autism, cerebral palsy, and learning disabilities—has prevailed in his lawsuit against Saddleback College

Toni Airaksinen / Nov 26, 2019

Culture, Politics & Policy

Male Title IX activist expelled after “feminist witch-hunt”

A former Ph.D. student at the University of Southern California (USC) alleges that his school retaliated against him for his activism.

Toni Airaksinen / Nov 11, 2019

Opinion, Culture

‘They treat my autistic son like a caged animal’: student takes college to court over Title IX ruling

Marcus Knight—a student with autism and cerebral palsy—will face in court the Title IX officer who found him guilty of two sexual misconduct violations.

Toni Airaksinen / Oct 30, 2019

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